Where to watch Succession Season 4 in India?

One of the trending conversations in India is about HBO’s Succession. Yes. The Emmy-award-winning HBO show Succession is back with its fourth and final season. India doesn’t have HBO Max. Hence, the shows used to stream on Disney+ Hotstar through a licensing deal between the two corporates. And, as everyone knows, that deal has come to an end. That is to say, no HBO show will now stream on Disney+ Hostar after 31st March.

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As a consequence, the new season which was supposed to be on Disney+ Hotstar today will not be included for obvious reasons. The entire Twitter is lost their wits and is desperately waiting for any credible announcement.

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Where to watch

I shouldn’t promote this but, through Telegram people are sharing the links to ‘illegally’ download the first episode. I should mention, piracy is an offence under the law.

Or, you can just wait till there is an official announcement about the streaming platform for the show.

Or, VPN is another option. You can get HBO Max subscription and change the location to US, and then watch the show.

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Watch Succession Season 4 Free online here


People are critising Disney’s India team for letting go of some of the best shows in the world. In addition, even the IPL telecast rights are not with Disney+ Hotstar anymore. What is to say about how well this will be the subscriber of the OTT platform? But, definitely some of the most dedicated fans of HBO shows, like me, would have to migrate to another platform.

House of the dragons, The White Lotus, The Last of Us, and now Succession are a few of the best shows on the internet. But, the argument is that don’t bring the audience beyond the elite circles. Apart from this, at least India’s Oscar-nominated documentary ‘All That breathes’ is streaming on Disney+ Hotstar whose distribution rights were acquired by HBO. And, if you have a subscription, then go watch that until then.

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