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What is the reason behind withdraws farm laws?

What is the reason behind withdraws farm laws; After Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the withdrawal of three agriculture laws

By Ground report
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Ground Report | New Delhi: What is the reason behind withdraws farm laws; After Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the withdrawal of three agriculture laws, is the BJP looking to gain a political edge in the upcoming Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections?

What is the reason behind withdraws farm laws

The Hindu quoting sources reported that the central government was going to withdraw this decision for a long time but it was delayed due to many reasons.

Many reasons are being speculated behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi's announcement to withdraw this decision, but analysts believe that the reason for this decision is BJP's infighting, poor performance in Panchayat elections, and the recent by-elections. results of. The impact of the decision will be mixed.

BJP members engaged in counting the benefits of agricultural laws have suddenly come on the back foot. "Now we can say that the PM said laws are good but we could not explain it to the farmers… you know how it is," a BJP MLA told the newspaper on condition of anonymity.

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According to the report, party sources say that the sitting Jat MLAs may not be given tickets in the next elections.

Sokendra Chaudhary of the Battisa khap in Shamli told The Hindu, "We have not forgotten his role in the year-long agitation and his questions on our objectives. We have recognized the true character of the BJP and now the vote will harm the party."

"We didn't allow Sanjeev Baliyan, Suresh Rana, and Umesh Malik to enter our villages and that won't change," he says. The party does not understand the area where personal dignity is above everything else. BJP leaders) are very sad. How will they show their faces to their subjects?

UP election

The Hindu reported that it is also believed that the Center has been forced to do so due to the growing influence of Yogi Adityanath in the party. There is also a belief that the rise of Yogi Adityanath in the party forced the hand of the Centre. Observers cited Rakesh Tikait's role in extinguishing the Lakhimpur fire and pointed out how the BKU has refrained from holding repeated protests in Lucknow.

Sources in BKU said that it was the insistence of the Center that impressed the chief minister the most and they were actually waiting for the decision since October.

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"Adityanath would have emerged as Modi's successor if he had won by a small margin despite the agrarian laws and a section of the BJP does not want that in 2024. But whatever the outcome is shared now, it will be What happened." Party sources also say that due to the epidemic, the party has to face public anger on many issues like unemployment and inflation.

BJP saved seats

Dr. Ajit Singh, associate professor at SSV PG College, Hapur and BJP sympathizer, echoes the analysis. “By bringing back the agriculture laws, the BJP has saved those seats where the victory margin in the last election was 10-15,000 votes. The non-Jat farmer who was angry with the BJP because of the agricultural laws will be in the fray again. And there is also a section among Jats who are moving towards RLD because they could not see farmers sitting on the streets. They will return because they are associated with BJP's nationalist agenda.

However, former RLD MLA Ajay Tomar argued that repeal of the laws would not hide the BJP's intention to privatize key areas.

"Large unemployment and inflation not only affect one community and keep the voter away from the BJP," he said. "When the BJP president could not save seats in his home state in the recent by-elections, the writing on the wall is clear."

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