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What is the new definition of ‘RRR’ given by the Indian Government?

RRR My gov waste management campaign swachch bharat

SS Rajamouli’s Oscar-winning movie ‘RRR’ has a tremendous fan following globally, and locally. And, relying on the popular fan-following, and prominent presence in popular culture, the government of India has re-defined the abbreviation.

‘RRR’: Recycle, Reuse, Reduce. Yes, these are not new things. We all have studied this in our schools. And, yet we have failed to inculcate the same in our daily lives.

These are simple fundamentals to save the environment

Recycle means something which is of no use to the person should be sent to be recycled and made into something useful. For example, plastic bottles should be sent and can be made into benches, chairs etc instead of becoming part of the dump.

Reuse, emphasis on exploring new ways to utilise previously bought things instead of throwing them away.

Reduce, focuses on cutting down on the amount of waste an individual produces on a daily basis.

RRR Modi governments waste management plan

After reading this, the reader is requested to adopt these as part of their lifestyle. 


India has a very bitter-sweet history with waste management. While we preach how other countries are clean, that doesn’t translate to the implementation in our own countries. We have also heard numerous plastic ban notifications, and after a few months, things are back to square one. The waste mountain in and around Delhi, the capital of India, is increasing tremendously. The experts have raised concerns about the effects of the same.

From plastic waste to e-waste, the story mostly remains the same. This negligence impacts the animals, plants, and other species living on earth. In addition, makes our fight against climate change weak, and hollow. This initiative of the government intends to bring the conversation of ‘RRR’ to save the environment.

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