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Home » What is Co-working manifesto place, idea by West Bengal?

What is Co-working manifesto place, idea by West Bengal?

What are Co-working manifesto places idea by West Bengal?

The West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO) has introduced a new concept “Happy Works” a working module which has been established in 3 locations in Newtown.

Co-working places in West Bengal

The first is next to the NKDA office, the second is next to Sankalpa Housing, and the third is in front of Eco Park Gate no. 4 where people can come to work when they need a quiet workspace, close to home.

These workspaces provide all the elements of an environment conducive to productive work while avoiding using someone’s private office or sitting outside.

The Happy Works space essentially consists of work pods, which provide a comfortable environment for people to work, at minimal fees. The charge is 30 rupees for the first hour and a half (90 minutes), after which you would have to pay 20 rupees for each additional hour. Many customers also reserve pods on a monthly basis by paying a one-time charge at the beginning of the month.

Co-working places West Bengal, Credit: wbhidcoltd

These modules have been installed in three locations in New Town and are increasingly attracting freelancers, would-be entrepreneurs and of course working mothers. Most of the people who used these modules left their rented offices during the pandemic. “I am so happy that the government has come up with something like this,” said user Sukanya Guha told The Indian Express. She is also the mother of a five-year-old boy and is working to establish her startup, a recruitment company.

“Today, the work pods are the best thing in our city,” said Maitra, who is now a regular user.

“I come monthly to hold meetings and meet my colleagues. Before I used to book In Kolkata government set up co-working spaces, and charge 30 rupees for 90 minutes in hotels for such meetings, but now I book the conference room of these co-working spaces. They charge me 200 rupees an hour,” said Abhinav Biswas, 44, who runs the east side of a start-up company working on women’s hygiene.

Rules & regulations

  • The work modules are open seven days, from 9 am to 8 pm.
  • Follow local laws.
  • Happy Works Property Protection.
  • Please sign in or out.
  • Cooperate with staff.
  • Please keep the covid protocol.
  • Happy Works is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged property or injuries sustained while on the job.
  • Firearms or other weapons are never allowed inside our work pod or on our premises.
  • Members causing intentional damage to Happy Works property will be required to repay financially.
  • Have fun, be safe, be respectful and remember to use good judgment and professionalism in all situations.
  • If Wi-Fi or AC is temporarily not working due to technical reasons, no refund/adjustment will be made.
  • Xerox copies, printing, food and water are priced items.

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