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Who is Sonu Singh that threatened to bomb Gorakhnath Temple by using Muslim Name?

Who is Sonu Singh that threatened to bomb Gorakhnath Temple by using Muslim Name?

A social media handler by the name of ‘Lady Don’ who threatened to kill the Chief Minister and bomb the Gorakhnath temple earlier this year turned out to be a 25-year-old man.

The accused identified as Sonu Singh from Firozabad is a member of the Bhim Army.

On February 4 this year, ‘Lady Don’ had threatened to set off bomb blasts at Lucknow Vidhan Sabha and Gorakhpur railway station. Lucknow and Gorakhpur police had tried to locate ‘Lady Don’ but were unable.

In the first tweet, it was written that a bomb was planted at the UP assembly in Lucknow, the train station and the bus stop.

The account further mentioned that Bhim Sena chairman Seema Singh will kill the Chief Minister by posing as a human bomb. In the subsequent tweet, Lady Don said that Suleman Bhai planted a bomb in eight places in Gorakhnath Math, and the CM’s rags will fly away.

The handle issued a series of serial bomb threats at various locations in the state, including the Gorakhnath temple, in multiple tweets.

Police have now discovered that a Sonu Singh arrested by Agra police on charges of attacking police during a protest was the mastermind behind the social media handle that issued the threat.

Agra Police said that Sonu is connected to Bhim’s army. Investigators are now preparing to approach the Agra court to seek remand of him to take him to Gorakhpur for further questioning.

Circle Officer, Cantonment Shyam Deo said that according to preliminary investigations, it has come to light that Sonu Singh operates the Twitter handle ‘Lady Don’ and is a member of the Bhim Army.

“What is his motive and why he wanted to spread panic will only be known once he is remanded in custody,” the officer said.

However, while speaking to rogue MLAs in Guwahati on Thursday night, Eknath Shinde gave early hints. He said that our joys and sorrows are one. Whatever happens, we will face it with unity. victory is ours.

In saying this, he did not name the BJP, but he mentioned it indirectly and said how they support it.

He said: “It is a national party. It is a superpower. I have been told that the decision I have made is historic and we have all its power behind it.”

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