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In how many states Adani Group has their presence, check project names?

Adani's vast projects across India, from ports to power plants, raise concerns about market dominance. Rapid expansion prompts scrutiny of regulatory oversight.

By Ground report
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In how many states Adani Group has their presence, check project names?

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The Adani Group is expanding its footprint across India, with projects in nearly every state. From data centers to ports, solar plants to power plants, Adani's influence spans various sectors, impacting local economies and infrastructure development nationwide.

Over the past two decades, the Adani Group has undergone significant expansion in India's port sector, transforming from a single major port operator to the largest private port operator in the country. With a presence in 14 ports and terminals, Adani now handles a quarter of all cargo traffic in India. This growth has been primarily driven by acquisitions, with the company acquiring six ports in the last decade alone.

Adani Group's presence in almost every state in India

S.No. State Project Name
1 Andhra Pradesh India's first integrated Data centre with 200+ MW capacity
2 Assam Guwahati Airport (GAU), Assam
3 Bihar Rs. 8,700 Cr to Develop Warehouses For Adani Wilmar
4 Chhattisgarh Coal to Poly-generation Project and a Rice Bran Solvent Extraction Plant & Refinery for Rs 25,000 Cr
5 Gujarat Mundra port
6 Haryana Food processing unit on 80 Acre+ for Rs. 1,500 Cr
7 Himachal Pradesh Horticulture under brand Farm-Pik Adani
8 Jharkhand Godda Ultra-supercritical Thermal Power Plant
9 Telangana To invest Rs. 12,700 Cr for data center, defense, and cement plant
10 Karnataka Udupi Power Corporation Limited
11 Kerala First International Deepwater Seaport Project at Vizhinjam
12 Uttar Pradesh Solar Plant In Mahoba
13 Madhya Pradesh Singrauli Thermal power plant- 1,200 MW
14 Maharashtra Tiroda Thermal power plant- 3,300 MW
15 Uttarkhand To invest Rs. 2,500 Cr towards setting up Cement Plant & Smart Meters
16 Odisha To invest Rs. 60,000 Cr to develop Dharma Port
17 Punjab 100 MW Solar Plant in Bathinda
18 West Bengal $3.1 Bn project for the development of Haldia Port
19 Rajasthan Adani Power Rajasthan Limited- 2,140 MW
20 Tamil Nadu Kamuthi solar power plant- 648 MW

As Adani's market share in the port sector continues to rise, concerns have emerged regarding the concentration of market power in the hands of one entity. Government officials and regulators have raised alarms about the potential risks of such consolidation, citing fears of reduced competition, high entry barriers for new players, and the possibility of abuse of dominant position.

Furthermore, Adani's expansion has not been limited to the port sector alone. The group has also become a significant player in other critical sectors such as airports, cement manufacturing, and thermal power production. Its rapid growth across various sectors has raised questions about regulatory oversight and the need to prevent potential abuses of monopoly power.

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