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Uttarakhand Rains: Bridge connecting Thal-Munsiyari damaged

Uttarakhand Rains: Bridge connecting Thal-Munsiyari damaged

Due to heavy rains in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, Pithoragarh Thal-Munsiyari Motor Road has been closed near Hardia drain. The Bailey Bridge got buried due to the huge amount of debris in the drain. In fact, after heavy rains, the Valley Bridge connecting Nachni to Munsiyari completely collapsed due to debris. At the same time, due to the closure of the road, the vehicles going to Munsiyari are stuck in the middle of the way.

Uttarakhand Rains

This time rain has come havoc in Munsiyari and Dharchula areas of Uttarakhand. While the route connecting Munsiyari was made smooth for traffic some time ago, due to heavy debris due to incessant rains in these areas, the bridge has been broken. Now to reach Munsiyari, tourists and local people will have to go via Madkot Jauljibi.

As per the reports, due to heavy rain on Wednesday late evening, suddenly debris started falling from the drain above which was stopped alerting everyone. Then suddenly a large amount of debris reached the bridge, due to which the bridge collapsed and collapsed.

Somehow the situation was brought under control even before the major accident happened. This time the proportion of rain has been less as compared to other years, but there has been no shortage in the disaster that comes every year. Still more than 14 rural roads in Pithoragarh district are closed due to landslides.

Met Deptt issued yellow alert

The rains will continue in Uttarakhand at least until September 2. The Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert for rain in the mountainous areas. At the same time, there is a possibility of lightning in most areas along with strong thunder.

According to the warning issued by the Department of Meteorology, in many areas there may be strong thunderstorms with rain. Meteorological Center director and senior meteorologist Vikram Singh said that in view of the possibility of rain, officials involved in disaster management, as well as ordinary people, should be alert. Officials from the Department of Disaster Management have also been informed.

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