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Uttar Pradesh: First woman detained under new Love Jihad laws ‘forced into miscarriage’

Allegation of the first woman to be separated from her husband under the law against jihad: ‘I was tortured in the women’s center, I also lost my pregnancy’

A case is under discussion in Uttar pradesh’s Moradabad under the law criminalizing conversion to marriage, and it is being cited as an example of misuse of the law.

A young woman named Pinky was separated from her husband by Uttar Pradesh police and sent to a women’s center. Pinky is the first woman to be separated from her husband under a law introduced in Uttar Pradesh to prevent inter-faith marriages.

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Pinky alleges that she was tortured and given an injection at the women’s center, which resulted in her miscarriage. However, Moradabad police have not yet confirmed the miscarriage.

Moradabad SSP Prabhakar Chaudhry said the woman, in her statement to the court, had spoken of marrying of her own free will and going to her father-in-law. After which he has been handed over to his in-laws. SSP said, “the woman had complained of abdominal pain in the women’s center after which she was treated.”

Asked about the miscarriage, a police spokesman said doctors at the hospital had told police yesterday that the pregnancy was safe and that no new information had been received. Pinky’s husband has been sent to jail under the new law and will be released on a court order.

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Pinky, 22, says she was seven weeks pregnant. According to Pinky, she was sent to a women’s center at 2.30 pm on December 5 and was tortured there.

It has not been confirmed which injections were given to Pinky and whether those injections could have caused the miscarriage.

“Three days ago, I suddenly had a stomach ache at the women’s center,” says Pinky. As my condition worsened, I was taken to a hospital where doctors injected me. I was bleeding profusely. The next day I had to testify in court. When my condition worsened again, I was injected again at the hospital. I have also lost my pregnancy.

But Pinky says: “At first the ultrasound made my pregnancy right, but after the injection, I lost my pregnancy.” Following a local court order, Uttar Pradesh police have sent Pinky back to her father-in-law.

However police said that during the investigation, it was found out that the woman is 22 years old and she is an adult. The woman has also expressed her desire to go to her father-in-law in front of the police.

The woman’s statements will be investigated under CRPC 164, after which a decision will be made based on the evidence, police said.

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Pinky had married a young man named Rashid in July. Police have also been criticized for separating the two under the new law.

A few days ago, the woman’s mother-in-law Naseem Jahan had also spoken about her miscarriage. Authorities then dismissed the allegations. Authorities said the woman had been taken to hospital twice but was safe.

On Monday, Dr Vimla Pathak of the Moradabad District Hospital told reporters that when Pinky was first brought in in the morning, she was fine and was sent back. The second time they were brought in, they found blood stains.

When asked about the pregnancy, she said: “We can’t say yet how the baby is. She didn’t bleed at the hospital but she did say she bleed at the women’s center.” We will inspect but we do not have the full report yet. “The ultrasound showed the pregnancy, but it is not yet clear whether it is safe or not,” she said.

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