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US: Travel bans on Muslim countries lifted

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Joe Biden, the 46th president of the United States, began his presidency with presidential decrees and signed 15 executive orders on the first day.

These presidential decrees include the lifting of controversial travel bans, the restoration of the Paris Environmental Agreement, and the imposition of mandatory masks on all federal property.

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Most of Biden’s orders are aimed at ending former President Donald Trump’s controversial policies.

Joe Biden stands where he spent 50 years in politics after being sworn in, but he may never have imagined that he would face many major challenges on his first day in office.

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Ronald Klein, chief of staff of the newly elected president’s administration, which is part of the White House, issued a memorandum on Biden’s actions in the first few days.

The memorandum said that Joe Biden, as soon as he becomes president, would issue a decree annulling several of President Trump’s initiatives and announce measures to address the major issues facing the American nation.

Ronald Klein said, that in the first ten days of his presidency, Biden will issue presidential decrees before the approval of the Congress so that he can protect his country from the “destructive measures” of the Donald Trump era.

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It should be noted that every incoming US President issues a number of similar orders in the early days. Donald Trump did the same, but many of his orders were later challenged in court. However, Ron Klein believes that the orders issued by Biden will not be the same as those issued by Trump. It happened because the new president understands the spirit of the law.

The travel bans announced by former President Trump seven days after he took office in January 2017 have been lifted by new President Joe Biden.

Initially, the sanctions targeted seven Muslim-majority countries, but some changes were made following court orders.

Donald Trump imposed travel bans on citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela and North Korea.

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