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China bans Trump’s foreign minister Mike Pompeo

On the last day of Donald Trump’s term as US President, his Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo commented on China’s Muslims. After this, China has announced several sanctions against Pompio.

China’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement saying that for the past few years some anti-Chinese politicians of America have been spreading hatred against China due to their selfish political interests and prejudices.

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The statement of China states that the statements of these politicians are not in the interests of the Chinese and American people and are well-planned who randomly interfere in China’s internal affairs and ignore China’s interests, the people of China Annoys and disrupts Sino-US relations.

The statement said, “The Chinese government is determined about China’s national sovereignty, security and development interests. China has decided to impose sanctions on 28 people who violated China’s sovereignty very seriously.” And are primarily responsible for such steps by the US on issues related to China. “

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China has also made public the names of those banned. Among them, Michael R. Pompeio. Peter K. Navarro, Robert C. O’Brien. David R. Stillwell, Matthew Pottinger, Alex M. Azar, Keith J. Krecht, Kelly D.K. In addition to the craft, John Bolton and Stephen Bennon are also in the Trump administration.

China has said in its statement that ‘there will be a ban on the arrival of these people and their family members in the mainland of China, Hong Kong and Macau of China, and also the people associated with them and companies and institutions doing business in China. There will be a ban.

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Earlier in the day, the Chinese Foreign Ministry tweeted that Pompeo’s statement was an insult to 1.4 billion people in China, including 25 million people in Xinjiang province, the intelligence of the American people and the international community

It wrote that ‘he (Pompeo) has betrayed and challenged the basic moral standard and human conscience’. The Chinese Foreign Ministry tweeted that ‘Pompeo and his lies will find a place in the dustbin of history.

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