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Kamala Harris to become America’s first female Vice President

कमला हैरिस

On Wednesday, Biden will be sworn in as the new president of the US and along with him, Kamala Harris of Indian origin will be sworn in as the first female vice-president of the country.

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Kamala Harris, 56, will also become America’s first black and first South Asian-American female vice-president.

Kamala Harris had only one chance to show up on the Democratic ticket after her dream of becoming president months ago broke.

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A year ago, the California senator made a distinct impression from the crowd of candidates and gave many excellent speeches continuously. Not only this, he also criticized his rival Joe Biden in the presidential race. But by the end of 2019, his campaign had cooled down and it seemed that his expectations had suffered a big setback.

Who is Kamala Harris?

California’s Democrat leader Kamala Harris was born in Auckland. Her mother is of Indian origin and father is of Jamaican origin. After the divorce, Harris was raised alone by her Hindu mother. Her mother has been a cancer researcher and civil rights activist. She grew up with an Indian heritage, came to India with her mother, but Harris says that her mother had adopted American-African culture and kept both her daughters Kamala and Maya in it.

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She says, “My mother knew very well that she was raising two black daughters.” She wrote this in his autobiography ‘The Truth We Hold’.

She writes, “She knew that the land she had adopted as home would look like Maya and me like black girls. She was determined to make sure we grew up as confident, black women . 

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