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Truth of Japanese girl’s holi harassment video

Japanese girl Holi video; Following the circulation of a viral video allegedly showing a Japanese woman being groped in Delhi

By Ground report
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Truth of Japanese girl’s holi harassment video

Following the circulation of a viral video allegedly showing a Japanese woman being groped in Delhi during Holi celebrations, Delhi Police has taken cognisance of the matter.

However, the woman, who had already left for Bangladesh on March 10, claimed to be unaware of the situation in India and tweeted that she was fine.

The video is among several others showing foreign nationals being harassed during Holi celebrations, but most of them have been found to be old.

Although no complaint has been filed, Delhi Police has said that it will investigate the video and has contacted the embassy for information on the woman.

The Delhi Commission for Women and the National Commission for Women have also been tagged in the video and are looking into the matter.

Video 2 yrs old

Fact-checkers have confirmed the authenticity of the videos and discovered that while two of them were from previous years, the one featuring a Japanese girl was recorded during this year's Holi celebrations.

The video showed some boys forcefully applying colour on her and ended with a boy assaulting her. The girl had originally posted the video on her Twitter account but later removed it. Although she was scheduled to depart for Bangladesh on March 9, a flight ticketing error prevented her from doing so.

However, she successfully left for Bangladesh on March 10 and has since shared that she is doing well and plans to update her followers in the near future.

"I have just arrived in Bangladesh.  I'm really sorry that I didn't know it was a serious situation.  I am fine in mind and body.  I will explain more tomorrow," she said on March 10.

FIR filed

After disturbing, videos of sexual harassment against foreign nationals on the occasion of Holi went viral on social media, Swati Maliwal, the chief of the Delhi Commission for Women, announced that she would be issuing a notice to the Delhi Police to investigate the videos and arrest the perpetrators.

Similarly, Rekha Sharma, the chairperson of the National Commission for Women, wrote to the Delhi Commissioner of Police to file an FIR and seek a fair and time-bound investigation in the matter.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Sanjay Kumar Sain stated that the video is being analysed to ascertain the details, adding that it appears to be from Paharganj based on the landmark seen in the video, but is being verified on the ground whether any such incident took place in that area or the video is old.

According to police, three individuals, including a minor, were detained following the emergence of a video on social media that allegedly depicts a group of men sexually harassing and assaulting a Japanese woman during the Holi festival.

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