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BoycottBharatMatrimony: 'Holi harassment ad is anti-Hindu'

Boycott Bharat Matrimony; On the eve of International Women's Day and Holi, the popular marriage website/app BharatMatrimony

By Ground Report
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BoycottBharatMatrimony: 'Holi harassment ad is anti-Hindu'

On the eve of International Women's Day and Holi, the popular marriage website/app BharatMatrimony posted a video message about women's safety and harassment. However, the controversy sparked a heated debate on social media over the ad being insensitive to Hindu traditions.

The 75-second video highlighted the issue of harassment of women during Holi. It showed a woman washing off the colors after Holi, but it showed her battered face after the colors were washed off.

“A lot of women have stopped playing Holi due to the trauma they experience through harassment. Watch this video that brings this to life in a hard hitting way. This Holi, let’s celebrate Women’s Day, and choose to keep them safe everyday. #BeChoosy #Holi #Holi2023 #WomensDay”, the BharatMatrimony tweeted.


BoycottBharatMatrimony has started trending on the microblogging site. The brand, in response, appears to have edited the caption and uploaded new posts on its social media platform.

“#BoycottBharatMatrimony Shame on @bharatmatrimony for using a Hindu festival like #Holi to run their social awareness agenda", a user tweeted.

"Didn't matter. Why did Bharat matrimony approve it?? They need to be punished for it. Boycott Bharat matrimony!!" a user tweeted.

“A specific , bigoted, advertisement..Remove the ad asap..Before ur site is finished….#boycottbharatmatrimony”, a post read on Twitter.

“Still I'll boycott it for their Hinduphobic video. #BoycottBharatMatrimony”, a Twitter user commented.

“See the anti Hindu mindset of @bharatmatrimony. Why doesn’t the attention go towards the sexual misconduct happening in madrasas and churches, instead of attacking Hindu festivals? #BoycottBharatMatrimony,” Vishwa Hindu Parishad national spokesperson Vinod Bansal tweeted.

Another user said 'They deleted the earlier tweet & posted the same video again.. Clearly they're not bothered with our outrage & #BoycottBharatMatrimony call. Either they think Hindus will forget this or they don't need Hindu customers anymore…"

Swiggy Instamart had been attacked by netizens who asked: “Did he put up the same billboard during Eid, asking Muslims to refrain from slaughtering goats or during Christmas urging Christians not to cut down trees? Keep your Hinduphobia out of our festivals and let us celebrate Holi the way we want."

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