Tribal Girl Nirmala: “Make us collector, We will fullfill all demands”

Ground Report | New Delhi: Tribal Girl Nirmala; A video of a tribal girl demonstrating in front of the collector’s office in MP’s Jhabua has gone viral. The officials were heard saying that if they cannot solve their problems, they should make them collectors and she would solve everyone’s problems.

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Tribal Girl Nirmala

In the viral video on social media a girl Nirmala is demonstrating her demands but no hearing is being held. Nirmala said why don’t the officers listen to our demands… or else make us collectors. We are ready to be. Sir will fulfill everyone’s demands. If you can’t, then the girl further asks – for whom is this government made. As if we had come here to beg. Do something for our poor sir. We come from so far away tribal people come here by paying the fare in buses.

Nirmala belongs to a tribal farming family and has 7 siblings. Her dream is to join the army.

The girl, who raised her demand in the protest demonstration of the tribals, says that if we make us collectors, then we will fulfill everyone’s demands. Hearing this, all the girls standing next to him start laughing. The girl further says that we are ready to become a collector. Will fulfill everyone’s demand, if you can’t, then sir. For whom is the government made, as if we have come here to beg. Make some arrangements for our poor sir. We come from far away tribal people. How much rent do we pay?

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The girl is studying in her first year at Jhabua’s PG College and her name is Nirmala. In fact, on Wednesday, the students of PG College, under the leadership of NSUI, reached the collector’s office with their different problems.

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Demands of students

  • Classes were not held during the Covid period, now the studies have started and the course has not been completed. In such a situation, the examinations should be conducted through open book method only.
  • Government schemes like scholarship and housing amount should be paid to the students.
  • It is difficult for poor children to study in the city. There should be a discount on the bus too.
  • Poor tribals live in the district. In such a situation, it is necessary to open a medical college here.
  • There should be a medical college for the tribals.
  • To fill the shortage of teachers in the school. Many schools do not have teachers for English, maths and science.
  • There is neither seating arrangement nor lab in PG College Jhabua.
  • There is a lot of problem in girls college too. There are no employees here. It was built away from the city, where it is difficult for girl students to reach.

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