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Just Imagine if you get wedding dress for free, Kerala is doing it

Wedding Dresses for free in Kerala; With this in mind, a dress bank has been set up at Thootha village in Malappuram district in the southern

By Ground report
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Just Imagine if you get wedding dress for free, Kerala is doing it

Ground Report | New Delhi: Wedding Dresses for free in Kerala; With this in mind, a dress bank has been set up at Thootha village in Malappuram district in the southern state of Kerala. Nasar Thootha, a 44-year-old taxi driver's entrepreneur. The bank has so far provided free clothing to more than 260 disadvantaged brides for the most important day of their lives.

The bank, headed by Nasser, returned to Saudi Arabia in April last year. Using WhatsApp and Facebook, Nasser asked married women to donate their fallen wedding dresses. There is a lot of response to different applications. Within a few days, heavy packets of wedding dresses began arriving at his address.

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As the name suggests, this bank provides wedding clothes that have been used. It is Nasar Thootha, the man who runs the dress bank where the clothes there are donated from wealthy families for women with limited abilities.

Wedding Dresses for free in Kerala

Thootha works daily as a taxi driver in the Malappuram district in Kerala state, south India. As a charity, this bank has helped more than 260 underprivileged brides to date with free clothes for their wedding day.

"It is everyone's dream to look their best on their wedding day. For many people, wearing the clothes of their choice will be the first priority. The case of women from poor families is no different. The goal is to meet the people who need it most, ”Nasir told Aljazeera.

"When the bride is far away or the family can't come to the place, the wedding dress will be delivered to the door by our volunteer delivery network. We never ask the family to return the dress, but always encourage them to pass them on to other difficult brides," Thootha said.

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Donated dresses are collected from various places all over Kerala. After being moved in, he will wash and store them neatly. Thootha shared, I am just an intermediary channel through which brides who need wedding dresses will receive support from kind philanthropists.


Nasar said any bride's family can contact her through Facebook. Then they can choose their clothes and take them away without any cost. Even if it is not possible for someone to come here and get the clothes, the clothes are sent directly to them through our network of volunteers. (Wedding Dresses for free in Kerala)

Nasar said, "We never ask these families to return the wedding dress." However, we encourage them to send the saree to other needy people.

The initiative has been so successful that Nasar Thootha Bank now has more than 800 garments. Each of these costs from five thousand to 50 thousand rupees. These dresses are suitable for Muslim, Christian, or Hindu brides.

Nasar added that the garments are now coming not only from Kerala but also from neighboring states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, and even from the non-resident Indian community in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

my mother and I broke down in tears

Sakina Khan (name changed) from Mumbai said she got a pink Banarasi silk sari from A Dress Bank for her wedding. This is the most valuable gift ever found. "Both my parents and uncles died when the Delta variant hit India this summer," he said. I also lost my job as a school teacher. My mother, who cooks in four houses, is now the only earning member of the family.

"I have spent a lot of money on food and other things for my wedding," she said. So there was no money left to buy a wedding dress. Later, when we contacted Nasar on Facebook, he helped us choose clothes through a video call. Within a week the sari arrived at our address. When the packet arrived, my mother and I broke down in tears.

"Since returning from Saudi Arabia, I've seen a lot of families helping out at different levels, fighting for their daughters' wedding dresses, which is usually expensive," Nasar said. So I decided to help them.

So far, however, Nasar has only bridal attire and mother dresses for weddings in stock. There is no collection of the groom's clothes. "We have not received any request for groom's attire so far," she said. However, if we receive such applications in the future, we will consider them.

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