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Transformation Plan for Bengaluru’s Doddasaggere botanical garden

Doddasaggere botanical garden

The renovation of the Doddasaggere Botanical Garden is a part of the government’s plan to improve the infrastructure of the city. The facelift will include the installation of new pathways, benches, and other amenities. The garden will also get a new entrance gate, which will be designed to reflect the natural beauty of the surrounding landscape.

A proposed ecological initiative for the garden involves revitalizing a lake to enhance its water retention capability. Hence, potentially allowing it to hold up to two crore liters of water. In addition, the lake will be equipped with a bund and two unattached boulder structures to facilitate sediment removal and soil erosion prevention, respectively.

Bengaluru, also known as the Garden City of India, is home to numerous beautiful gardens and parks. Among them is the Doddasaggere Botanical Garden, which is set to receive a much-needed facelift soon. It is located on the outskirts of Bengaluru. The Doddasaggere Botanical Garden spreads over an area of 228 acres. Further, is home to a wide variety of plants and trees. The garden has been a popular destination for nature lovers and tourists.

Renovation Project Details

LM Wind Power is partnering with United Way Bengaluru and the Government of Karnataka to develop a Thematic Thorny Forest on a 4.5-acre area. They plant 2,500 saplings of 17 thorny varieties to create a habitat for several bird and reptile species dependent on thorny vegetation. This will increase green cover, conserve biodiversity, and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. Further, provide educational opportunities to study the region’s flora and fauna to students and researchers.

Rajesh Lobo, Senior Plant Director of LM Wind Power Dabaspet, stated that sustainability is a core value and operation of the company. Integrating environmental goals into their business strategy adds value for all stakeholders, including the communities around them.


The renovation of the Doddasaggere Botanical Garden is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Once the project is finished, visitors will be able to enjoy the garden’s natural beauty. In addition, the new amenities will make it an even more attractive destination for nature lovers and tourists. The renovation project is a step towards improving the infrastructure of the city and promoting eco-tourism.

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