Topper from school to UPSC, story of IAS Tina Dabi reached court for divorce

Who is IAS Tina Dabi: In 2015, IAS Tina Dabi and her husband Athar Aamir Khan, who topped the UPSC, have decided to divorce for separation. For this, both of them have also filed for divorce in Jaipur’s Family Court with mutual consent. (Who is IAS Tina Dabi)

There were reports of tension in their relationship in the news a few days ago when Athar Aamir unfollowed Tina Dabi on Instagram. Also, Tina Dabi had also removed Khan from her name on her social media account, after which the news of their separation began to emerge more rapidly. 

IAS Tina Dabi, Athar Amir file for divorce: Twitterati reacts

Now Tina and Athar have confirmed the news of distance in their relationship by filing for divorce.

Tina and Athar got married in the year 2018. Their marriage was also in the news at that time. Because both of them did inter release marriages. While many big personalities praised his decision.

Tina and Athar came close to each other during training and then decided to get married. It is said that Athar had proposed to her at an event and after a few days went to her house to talk about marriage. Currently Tina is working as Joint Secretary in Finance Department while Aamir is posted as CEO EGS.

When Tina and Aamir were about to get married, the Hindu Mahasabha objected to the wedding and named the wedding a plot of love jihad. Now, after two years of marriage, the news of divorce has again boosted the conversation on this issue. 

IAS Tina Dabi, Athar Khan file for divorce in Jaipur’s family court

Tina and Athar met during training. The two then started spending most of the time with each other. It was only during training that those who were with him came to know about their relationship. The news of their marriage had confirmed the news of their relationship.

Tina Dabi is a 26 years old (born on 9 November 1993) girl from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

From her childhood, she was very intelligent and extraordinary in studies. She secured 100% marks in History as well as in Political Science in her 12th standard ICSE exams. She completed her graduation (Bachelor of Arts in Political Science) from the ‘Lady Shri Ram College for Women,’ New Delhi. In 2016, she passed the IAS exam in her first attempt, with 52.49% marks.

IAS Tina Dabi और IAS Athar Khan होंगे अलग, तलाक की अर्जी में कही ये बात

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13 thoughts on “Topper from school to UPSC, story of IAS Tina Dabi reached court for divorce”

  1. YOGESH 65YEARS. NOVEMBER 22. 2020

    बेटी टीना,बेटी इसलिए क्योंकि मेरी भी तुम्हारी जैसी दो बेटियां हैं। तुम्हारी सुनकर अत्यंत दुख हुआ।दुनिया बड़ी जालिम है।No one is yours. लोगों का काम है कहना।Every end- is not a good beginning.It is true that it is very
    challenging for Hindu wife to survive in aMuslim
    family.अभी तुम्हारी उम्र ही क्या है। आगे का अभी काफी
    लम्बा सफर शेष है।IAS हो, होशियार हो कोई मुश्किल नहीं
    सब मर्द एक से नहीं होते। इस धरती पर भी भगवान श्रीराम
    जैसे उपलब्ध हैं।बीते हुए उन लम्हों को भुलाना सहज नहीं
    लेकिन यही तुम्हारे आगे की चुनौती है।पुराना भुलाकर आगे
    बढना ही जिन्दगी है। Divorce प्राप्ति के पश्चात कही दूर,
    हो सके तो देश के बाहर, जहाँ कोई जानता न हो, तुम्हारी
    नई मंगलमय शुरुआत शुभ कामनाएँ सहित हो।
    ईशवर के दरबार में देर है अंधे नहीं।

  2. it is not a good decision of divorce
    between Tina Dabi and Athar Aamir.They should take back divorce file from the court.

  3. Congratulations 🎉🎉👏🎊. Aapke sath esa hi hona chahiye Tina dabi. Shedule caste ke Bhaiyo me kya kmi thi. Aap pta chla tumhe.

  4. Every ending is a new beginning.. we were nd we will be always by your side tina mem .. proud of you for your decision nd for being what you are ..

  5. It is very challenging for hindu wife to survive in muslim family.
    However it is a bit less challenging for muslim wife to see through the wedding lock in Hindu family.
    Reason being Hindu family and religion is not strict/fanatic than a Muslim and give her lot of leeway to settledown in new environement.

    • She is intelligent, was good in study. She is hindi a d he is a Muslim. Despite if this, she gave importance to their love which she attained during Mussoorie training. Which finally reached at marriage. Later whatever happened was not good and now finally decided to divorce after two years of life. From this it appears to me that she is not a wise girl at all. Why she did select a person from some other state from a different religion. Usually such marriage will not last long. She could have preferred a person from her own community with the consent of her parent. Now she herself destroyed her career.

    • Love is not bad and marry with her love is very good but in other religion is not good.
      But i am very happy to your decision because you give knowledge to such upcoming incident . Every inter religion lover think about you first.

    • I didn’t got why she go for divorce, even this article writer writes about them but didn’t show any reason why she go for divorce.???.. hey writer atleast write about why they go for divorce…

  6. As I remember, of course there was backlash from Hinduvata Groups on the marriage of Tina IAS topper with Aamir IAS runner up. At that moment the Times of India published a detailed story about the event. In the Comments Box, the best comment selected read “Congratulations. You are his first wife.” Now I feel “Aamir is her first husband.”

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