Sweden’s different approach makes no difference…

Ayushman Ojha, Ground Report: Sweden chose to follow the herd immunity plan over complete lockdown implemented in other European nations like Italy, France and Spain to tackle coronavirus. The plan which WHO believed to be “reckless and dangerous” was claimed to be “best in the world” by Johan Giesecke, the nation’s former chief epidemiologist and internationally recognised … Read more

Essential Commodity Act, Changes and its impact on farmers…

Ayushman Ojha, Ground Report: An amendment done to the historic six-and-a-half decade old act to help farmers and traders while also transforming India’s agricultural Sector Chaired by PM Narendra Modi, the Cabinet approved an amendment to the Essential Commodities Act on Wednesday to regulate food items, including cereals and onion. The Essential Commodities Act or … Read more

Nationwide outrage on pregnant elephant death in Kerala, Twitter trends with #KeralaElephantMurder

Kanishtha Singh, Ground Report: A pregnant elephant died last week after locals allegedly fed her a pineapple stuffed with crackers in Kerala’s Malappuram district. The incident took place on May 27. Forest officials said the elephant died standing in the river Velliyar after it suffered an injury in its lower jaw. After the incident took … Read more

Jaish commander who participated in ‘Afghan battle’ among 3 killed in Kashmir

Poonch encounter

Wahid Bhat, Ground Report: Inspector General of Police Kashmir range, Vijay Kumar today said that an IED expert of Jaish-e-Muhammad outfit, who had participated in Afghan battle and was the mastermind of Car Bomb that was detected and destroyed by the security forces in Pulwama on May 28. He termed the killing of Jaish top … Read more

Art has always been a therapist for society: Zeeshan Ayyub

Zeeshan Ayyub

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, who played the iconic role of Nisad in Anubhav Sinha’s Article 15 speaks at length on the future of cinema, theatre, the importance of literature, and the ongoing lockdown owing to coronavirus pandemic.  According to you how can theatre sustain itself in the ongoing lockdown? There’s no particular solution to it at … Read more

प्रवासी मजदूर की आपबीती सुन पिघला लुटेरों का दिल, लूट के 5,000 रुपये देकर कहा- पैदल मत जाना, बच्चों को खाना खिला देना

प्रवासी मजदूर : लॉकडाउन के चलते पैदल ही घर लौट रहे हर मजदूर की कहानी बेहद दर्दनाक है वहीं इस दौरान लूट की खबरें सामने आ रही है। ताजा मामला आगरा-लखनऊ एक्सप्रेस वे का है जहां अपने तीन बच्चों और पत्नी के साथ घर लौट रहे मुन्ना नाम के एक मजदूर को लुटेरों ने घेर … Read more

इरफान खान की अदाकारी और संघर्ष को यह दुनिया याद रखेगी

Film Actor Irfan Khan Dies in Mumbai, his Films and Life

Ground Report | News Desk भारत ने आज अपना चहेता अभिनेता खो दिया, शायद ही कोई होगा जो इरफान खान (Irfan Khan) की अदाकारी का फैन न रहा हो। अपने डायलॉग डिलीवरी और बेजोड़ अदाकारी के लिए पहचाने जाने वाले अभिनेता इरफान खान, बहुत ही कम उम्र में दुनिया को अलविदा कह गये। 54 साल … Read more

Lockdown extended in India till May 3; Key points from PM Modi’s address…

PM Modi Urged people not to panic on corona virus outbreak

News Desk, Ground Report:Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the extension of countrywide complete lockdown till May 3. PM Modi addressed the nation after much anticipation for days as the nationwide lockdown imposed for 21 days comes to an end today. Several state governments have already announced lockdown extension in their states, the Centre made an … Read more