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Top 10 Indian States With Muslim population

Indian States With Muslim population

Ground Report | New Delhi: Indian States With Muslim population; India is a disparate country with various religions occupied with different traditions and cultures. As per the census report of 2011, the Muslim majority out of 1.21 billion population.14.23% as Muslim followers of Islam.

Indian States With Muslim population


  • It is the top Muslim population state in India. In Uttar Pradesh total population is 38,483,967 as per the census report.


  • WEST BENGAL is the second-largest state with a population of 24,654.83. In West Bengal major follower is Islam.


  • Bihar is in the third position of the Muslim population. Muslim community comprises 17,557,809 out of 104,099,452 of total population. It means a total of 16.87% of Bihar’s population comprises Muslims significantly.


  • ASSAM is the majority Muslim state in India. The community total population of record as of 10,679,345. If you talk percentage-wise, it was recorded to be 34.22% of Assam’s total population comprising of 31,205,576 residents with other castes and religion too.


  • KERALA It is a remarkable benefactor to the Muslim community with a population of 8,873,472. The state is in the sixth position of the Muslim population in India.


  • JAMMU AND KASHMIR It covers the highest majority of Muslims. The population of Muslims is 8,567,485, whereas the state marks a significant rise every year in this community.


  • LAKSHADWEEP It also covers the Muslim population in India. The population of Muslims is 62,268.


  • KARNATAKA is the eighth largest state by the population of  67,562,686.


  • GUJARAT is the ninth largest state by population of 63,872,399.58.46 Lakhs (9.67%) as Muslims or the followers of Islam.


  • ANDRA PRADESH In all Hindu form the majority religion in 23 out of 23 districts of Andhra Pradesh state. The data for 2021 & 2022 is under process and will be updated in few weeks. Muslim Population in Andhra Pradesh is 80.82 Lakhs (9.56 percent) of total 8.46 Crore.

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