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Tips to spot fake news how can we evaluate images

Fake news is a piece of misleading information presented as an actual fact. Usually, there are two categories of fake news:

  • Many stories are intentionally inaccurate and people publish them knowing that they are false. The purpose is to manipulate the opinion of the community or to drive traffic to a particular website.
  • Some news contains chunks of truth but is broadly imprecise. This might be because the news publisher hasn’t checked all the facts or has intentionally overstated differences to make a particular point.

How to spot fake news?

There is a huge collection of news all over the web. The real task is to distinguish fake news from factual information. Search by image serves as the finest opportunity to spot fake news. some tips to spot the fake news are as follows:

  • A thorough Visual Assessment helps to assess the overall design. The sites which publish fake news usually look unprofessional, post lots of ads, and use stolen images.
  • Fake news can be spotted by identifying the news outlet. If the news outlet is not authentic, then the user should search online for more information.
  • By Checking the Web Domain or URLs fake news can be highlighted as such URLs will start with “. com. co” or “. lo”.
  • If the website is not including detailed background information, policy statements, email “About/About Us” section then the chances of being fake elevates. 
  • Articles containing fake news don’t include author names. If the author’s name is mentioned, readers must search it online to see if he or she is well known and respected.
  • If the particular information contains misspelt words, words in ALL CAPS, and a lot of irrelevant grammatical signals then it’s probably unreliable.
  • Readers must Analyze Sources and Quotes because Fake news articles contain anonymous and untrustworthy sources or even no sources at all. If there are images, then search by image also helps to evaluate the fake news. 
  • Every reader must Search the internet for more information on a similar topic. If they fail to find any, then the news can be labelled as fake fearlessly.

How can we evaluate images?

Critical evaluation of images is very important for the identification of fake news. Most of the time images are recycled to gain the interest of readers but they can provide visual “proof” for fake news with the support of reverse image search

Visual evaluation

Evaluation of Images is possible on several levels. Visual analysis is a significant step in evaluating an image and spotting the fake one. It can be done by paying attention to its various elements such as:

  • What is present in the image and what is the image about?
  • What is happening in the image and How its different elements are presented?
  • What is the effectiveness of the image as a visual message?

Search by image provides support in finding the answers to the above-mentioned queries. 

Textual evaluation 

Textual information provided with the image possesses its unique value. Search by image technique helps to validate the source of written information. Textual evaluation can be evaluated by following queries: 

  • What statistics accompany the image?
  • Is the textual statistics planned to be accurate, or is it predicted to affect what and how people see?
  • What sort of context do the facts provide? Does it answer the queries and for whom was the image made?

Evaluation of Image source

An image can be evaluated and labelled as original or fake based on the following facts: 

  • On which website the image is present?
  • What kind of information its source is providing regarding the origins of the image?
  • What is the reliability of the image source?

All such information can be collected via search by image technique using different tools.

Evaluation of Technical quality

This kind of evaluation include the following aspects:

  • Is a particular image large enough to suit the purposes?
  • How are the colour, light, and balance?
  • What is the format of the image?
  • Is the image protected with copyright or any other restrictions?

Collecting technical data via search by image technique about particular images helps to assess their originality more precisely. 

Image evaluation via Search by image 

  • Search by image technique is a content-based image retrieval technique that helps to spot the fake image in the blink of an eye. 
  • Different AI-based tools such as possess the potential to complete the search process flawlessly. This reverse photo lookup tool helps to identify different objects in an image and find the image’s original creators. It helps to find similar images to check if the provided information is accurate everywhere. 
  • This process of image search requires an image or relevant keyword as an input to initiate the search procedure. 
  • A reverse image search tool helps to find people who are publishing fake news without attributing credits or mentioning the rightful author. 

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