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This Nine-year-old child earned 30 million dollar from YouTube

Many people around the world are making big bucks from YouTube. A look at 10 highest grossing people from YouTube.

10. Geoffrey Starr ($ 1.5 million)

This beauty star has 1.69 crore subscribers. During June 2019 to June 2020, his channel received a total of 60 crore views and during this time his earnings were 150 million.

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9. David Dobrick ($ 15.5 million)

24-year-old Dobrik is willing to do anything to make his viewers laugh. His channel currently has 1.8 crore subscribers and from June 2019 to June 2020, his channel got 2.7 billion views. This earned him $ 15.5 million.

8. Blippy, Stavin John ($ 1.7 million)

John, 32, made his channel debut in 2014 and makes videos for children. Within a year, he earned $ 17 million from YouTube. His channel currently has 27.7 million subscribers.

7. Nastya ($ 1.85 million)

Sixth year old Anastasia of Russia is among the top 10 people earning from YouTube. He earned $ 1.85 million. Its channel with 6.6 million subscribers got 39 billion views.

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6. Preston Arcement ($ 1.9 million)

The 26-year-old Preston is a gamer and currently has 3.34 crore subscribers on his channel. Between June 2019 and June 2020, his channel earned 3.3 billion views and $ 1.9 million revenue.

5. Markiplier ($ 1.95 million)

Mark Fishbach runs this channel. He is also a gamer and has been making videos for eight years. Between June 2019 and June 2020, his channel received 3.1 billion views. His income during this period was $ 27.8 million.

4. Rate and Link ($ 2 million)

Rate and link have long been the stars of YouTube. His channel earned $ 4.18 million with 1.9 billion views in a year. At present, there are 4.18 crore subscribers on their channel.

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3. Dude Perfect ($ 2.3 million)

Five people run this channel together. His videos are very entertaining, which got 2.77 billion views in a year. He currently has 5.75 million subscribers and earned $ 23 million

2. Mr. Beast ($ 24 million)

Jimmy Donaldson runs this channel together with some of his friends. They make different types of challenge videos. Between June 2019 and June 2020, his channel received 3 billion views and $ 24 million. Currently their subscriber figure is 4.87 crores.

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1. Ryan Qazi ($ 2.95 million)

The biggest YouTube star in terms of earnings is nine-year-old Ryan Kazi. He usually reviews toys. It has 4.17 crore subscribers on its channel. From June 2010 to June 2020, its channel got 12.2 billion views. During this time, if he converted his 2.95 million rupees into India rupees, then it would be about 2.1 billion rupees.

 (Source: Forbes).

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