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How Social Media Influencer Are Changing The Marketing Trends?

Top social media influencers have provided the brands an easy and cost effective medium of advertising their product.

By Ground report
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Over the years various brands spend a lot of money for advertising their product. But now, with the rise of social media, digital creators and influencers like YouTubers, TikTokers, Instagrammers, Bloggers, and other top social media influencers have provided the brands an easy and cost effective medium of advertising their product.

Shweta Sawarnik | Opinion

The influencers boast a massive social media following with huge engagement, therefore making it the number one choice for brands now. Collaborating with the social media influencers, brands enjoy added advantages and get huge customer engagement at a less cost. But, how is social media influencer changing the marketing trends?

Before we head to this question, it is important we understand who are social media influencers. Social media influencers are basically social media user who have a large amount of followers on their social media handles. They also enjoy huge engagement and audience retention on their posts. They are generally social media content creators on Instagram, YouTube, or Bloggers.

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Now heading back to the question as to how social media influencers are changing the marketing trends. Well the answers to this question is explained in the points below.

Wide Visibility
With wide visibility, I mean that influencers have millions of followers. The more the followers, the better the engagement. When a brand collaborates with an influencer, they design or create a campaign that is aimed towards the number of followers the influencer has and thereby the brand gains access to the influencers followers. Hence, a quality campaign with a right mix of entertainment and information can help the brand access wide visibility of audience and expand its brand awareness.

Direct Communication
The followers the influencers have on their social media are not an overnight thing. They have been following her for a long time and like her content. By collaborating with an influencer, the brand can get an opportunity to authentically engage with the followers. Not just that, they can get feedback about their product and brand. In a way, the brand gets access to interact with the number of followers the influencer boasts.

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Since the followers have known the influencer for a long time, they have built a trust on her and her reviews about the products she have used and promoted. They would follow the advice or recommendation of the influencer. Therefore designing a campaign with true information and facts can help brands develop added trust with the followers.

Long Term Relationship
The success story of the influencer is not a one day thing. It is the hard work of years. When a person gains so many followers on social media and retains it for long, a relationship with the influencer and the follower is built. This relationship is built because the follower likes the influencer work, lifestyle and believes him/her. Therefore, brands become a part of this long-term relationship with just designing a sponsored campaign. Through this relationship, they extract potential and interested customers.

Organic Advertising and Genuine Customers
Influencers do not contain fake followers or bots. Therefore when a brand collaborate with the influencer, they get genuine customers. The content that the influencer posts while collaborating with the audience should be relatable to the follower. Once the content is relatable, the followers turn into customers.

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Medium for All
Social media influencer can help both small and large business. It can help the small brands grow with its larger followers and help the large brands gain more customers. The cost of promoting a product is also reasonable while considering the huge cost of advertisements.

These are some of the ways in which social media influencers are changing the marketing game. Collaborating with creators and influencers to create an engaging social media campaign is the best way of getting new and genuine customers.

(Disclaimer | The writer is a mom blogger and a social media influencer since 2014. She is one of the listed bloggers of mommunity. the views expressed are her own and Ground Report is not responsible for the accuracy of the information cited.)

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