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These Bollywood celebrities have suffered from cancer

Cancer Society, in India said that, about one and a half million people can get cancer in the next 10 years. Cancer will be incurable in 50 percent of these. Many celebrities of the Hindi film industry have also suffered from the pain of cancer

Sanjay Dutt

Actor Sanjay Dutt has got cancer. There is a lot of speculation in the media that he has third or fourth stage lung cancer. There are also reports of his departure to America soon for treatment. But Sanjay himself has only told about this that he is undergoing treatment and has appealed that people should not speculate more about it.

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Sonali bendre

Actress Sonali Bendre had high grade metastatic cancer. The first part of the body in which cancer develops is called primary spot and when the cancer cells break down and spread to other parts, it is called metastatic cancer. She was cured after undergoing treatment in New York.

Irrfan Khan

Irfan, who had won his acting with films like ‘Paan Singh Tomar’ and ‘Maqbool’, had high-grade neuroendocrine cancer. He underwent treatment in London but died at the age of 53. He told in 2018 that he has cancer. After this, he stayed away from films for a long time. In 2019, he made a comeback with the film “English Medium”.

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Vinod Khanna

Vinod Khanna, who is one of the most handsome actors of Bollywood, said goodbye to the world in 2017. He was suffering from liver cancer. Khanna, a BJP MP from Gurdaspur, was last seen in Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Dilwale’ in 2015. In the last moments of his battle with cancer, his body had a lack of water, which made him weak. When his picture went viral on social media, there was a wave of disappointment among the fans.

Rajesh Khanna

Life and death are in the hands of the upstairs, Babumoshaye …’ Rajesh Khanna, who played the role of a cancer fighter in the film ‘Anand’, had to fight this serious disease even in real life. It is said that in the last 20 days of his life, he had realized his last time. On 18 July 2012, he lost to cancer.

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Manisha Koirala

In 2012, news of Manisha’s cancer came and the pictures of un-haired Manisha surprised her fans. During this period, Koirala inspired women that cancer can be dealt with. In an interview, he said that he has a history of cancer in his family, so he is not surprised at his illness.

Anurag Basu

Anurag Basu, director of Gangster, Murder and Barfi, came to know in 2004 that he is suffering from leukemia. Doctors said that they do not have much time and do not expect long life. But Basu fought and he defeated Cancer.

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Renowned actress Mumtaz was found suffering from breast cancer in 2002. She had to undergo six chemotherapy and 35 radiation therapy. Mumtaz was 54 years old at that time.

Nargis Dutt

The famous actress of the past, Nargis was caught by pancreatic cancer. She lived in New York for the treatment of this disease, but she could not fight for more than this. Nargis said goodbye to the world three days before the release of her son Sanjay Dutt’s first film Rocky.

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