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There is no way out: Fear grows among Palestinians in Gaza

Current bloodshed between Palestinians, Israel since 2014

Ground Report | News Desk: Fifty-year-old Umm Majid al-Raees heard screams and screamed in fear as she ran to her four children in the dark. She was in her flat in Gaza City at night when Israeli bombs exploded on the tall building.

Israeli bombs that fell on the apartment building on Wednesday night, May 12, shattered windows, shattered doors, and shattered concrete walls to the ground to remove debris. Had fallen far away. Umm Majid al-Raees was screaming and trying to keep her children safe.

The current bloodshed between Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and Israel is the deadliest and deadliest tension since the 2014 war, in which the loss of human lives continues to rise. In this context, many other Palestinian families, like the Al-Rais family, are once again asking the same question they used to ask: “Where shall we go?”

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Gaza Strip ‘like a prison’

Umm Majid al-Ra’is has taken refuge in the home of a Palestinian family she knew after the Israeli bombing of her apartment building. Before leaving, she packed a few bags from a closet in her dilapidated flat and left the house with her two teenage sons and two young daughters.

He later told the Associated Press by telephone from his host family’s residence: “Israeli airstrikes were carried out without any prior warning. This whole area is a small place. Just like a prison. “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

A coastline with a population of two million

The Gaza Strip is a small coastal area with a dense population of about two million, where there are no sirens and no safe havens for air strikes. Refugees built by the United Nations have also been attacked in recent years during the conflict.

In the past two days, Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip have demolished three large residential buildings, known as ‘housing towers’, which housed some key Hamas offices and a few businesses. Business office too. 

According to some locals, before the air strikes on the housing towers, the Israeli army fired a few warning shots, aimed at scaring the occupants of the buildings and forcing them to leave.

Dozens of children and women were among the dead

Israeli warplanes began hitting several high-rise residential buildings in the densely populated area without warning. The target was Israel’s accusation that Palestinian militants lived in the area.

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A total of more than 100 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza since Monday, including 26 children. Among the dead were militants and civilians. An airstrike on the apartment building also killed at least two women and several children.

Victims’ statements at the hospital

In the aftermath of the attacks, many affected Palestinians in a Gaza hospital recounted their experiences of how they recovered the bloodied bodies of their loved ones from the rubble of destroyed buildings. 

A Palestinian woman says her four-year-old grandson and pregnant daughter-in-law were killed on Wednesday, May 12, when the Israeli air force also targeted a two-story building in which the woman and her family lived.

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