Farmers Protest: U.K. and Canada Continue Interference Despite India’s Warning

The farmers protests near the High Commission and Indian Consulate in Canada are believed to have been joined by Khalistani and Pakistani elements. The Indian Mission in Canada has asked for additional security. Protestors took to the streets in Canada following the farm bill protests, which are happening in India.

#Farmersprotest: 36 British MPs in support of farmers after Justin Trudeau

Such events, rallies and marches are expected to intensify in Canada over the next week to protest the recent agriculture bills of India. The protests near the Indian High Commission in Ottawa have raised fears about the security of this campus. The issue was also raised at the time of summoning of the Canadian envoy to India, Nader Patel this week by the Ministry of External Affairs after the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau commented on the farmers’ protests.

Farmers Protest: These five big things related to Bharat Bandh on December 8

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Ministry of External Affairs of India has released a statement stating that Trudeau’s comments have encouraged gatherings of extremist activities in front of the Indian High Commission and Consulates in Canada that raise issues of safety and security. MOE had called the Canadian government quote-unquote, “ensure the fullest security of Indian diplomatic personnel.” The statement had also asked Canadian leadership to refrain from pronouncements that legitimize extremist activism.

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While in the United Kingdom demonstrations are being planned in London for the 10th of December by Khalistani secessionist group Sikhs for Justice. It is the same outfit that was banned by India last year. Indian High Commission in London has raised similar issues. The metropolitan police issued warning advisory and written an open letter to persons organizing and participating in the gatherings. However, Boris Johnson led-government is still to take a final call on if the rally can go ahead as per the local regulations keeping Covid-19 related restrictions in mind.

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Aam Aadmi Party supported Bharat Bandh call of farmers in Delhi

Yesterday, an assemblage of 36 cross-party parliamentarians addressed to UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab. The MPs had demanded Raab to make representations with his Indian counterpart, S Jaishankar, regarding the impact on British Punjabis hit by the protests by farmers opposing new agricultural reformations in India. In answer, India had pronounced the remarks by foreign leaders and politicians on demonstrations by farmers as “ill-informed” and “unwarranted” as the subject concerned to the domestic affairs of a democratic nation.

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