Climate change: coldest place on earth is on fire, it’s getting worse

Climate change hits coldest place on earth, it’s getting worse

A study led by researchers from the CSIC and CREAF, and published in Science, shows that rising temperatures have caused an exponential increase in fires in the Arctic. In the years 2019 and 2020, an unusual number of fires were recorded in the Arctic. This set off alarms in the scientific community since in the … Read more

Storms, floods, wildfires and droughts have left millions homeless

A woman sitting down, writing on a piece of paper, surrounded by shopping bags

Thirty million people were displaced by various disasters last year. These disasters include storms, floods, forest fires and droughts. Ground Report | New Delhi: In addition to wars and armed conflicts during 2020, a report has been released by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC), an international organization on people displaced by various climatic and natural … Read more