Qayamat in Turkey: After earthquakes devastating flash floods hit country

Qayamat in Turkey: After earthquakes devastating flash floods hit country

Flash floods triggered by heavy rains have hit the provinces of Adiyaman and Sanliurfa in Turkey, causing devastation for thousands of people who were already homeless due to the catastrophic earthquake last month. The floods have killed at least 14 people, with several still missing, and have turned streets into rivers, swept away cars, and … Read more

What are fault lines, and how do they cause earthquakes?

Turkey, Syria earthquake could cost $4 Billion

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Turkey and neighbouring countries early Monday, February 6. This caused the death of thousands of people, injured tens of thousands and the collapse of a large number of buildings in Turkey and Syria. Situated between two major fault lines and compressed by three major tectonic plates, Turkey is one of … Read more

Who is Frank Hoogerbeets, Dutch researcher predicted deadly earthquake 3 days before?

After Turkey Earthquake, India next in line says Frank Hoogerbeets

A Dutch geologist Frank Hoogerbeets predicted three days ago in a tweet the strong earthquake that shook Turkey and Syria on Monday, with a balance of about 4,400 deaths. “Sooner or later there will be a ~M 7.5 earthquake in this region (south-central Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon),” Frank Hoogerbeets, who according to his Twitter bio … Read more

What is earthquake light that seen in Turkey before massive jolt?

What is earthquake light that seen in Turkey before massive jolt?

A few seconds before the first earthquake occurred in Turkey and Syria, some light flashes could be seen in the sky of the affected areas, as can be seen in videos circulating on social networks. The blue light (earthquake light) also known as triboluminescence, which may be seen for the first time in Turkey, caused … Read more

Series of earthquakes in Turkey, What are the reasons?

Top 10 most deadliest earthquake ever

The strong earthquakes that shook Turkey and Syria this Monday (06/02) have already left more than 4,800 dead and an even greater number injured. While the number of victims continues to rise, rescuers work at full speed to rescue survivors from the rubble. In their efforts, they have to deal with harsh weather conditions, often … Read more

#JusticeForALLinTurkey trending, A complete story

#JusticeForALLinTurkey trending, A complete story

JusticeForALLinTurkey: A march to the European Court of Human Rights has begun on behalf of the millions who have suffered rights violations in Turkey. Thousands of people who went to the headquarters of the ECHR in Strasbourg said, “Justice Delayed Is Not Justice!” shouting slogans. Decree-laws from different European countries are meeting today in front … Read more

What is phytosanitary problem found in Indian wheat sent back by Turkey?

Why UAE Banned export of Indian Wheat?

The Indian government has asked the Turkish authorities to provide details on Turkey’s rejection of Indian wheat due to quality. India has exported this wheat through ITC. Following the return of the Turkish consignment of wheat, the private company ITC said it had all the necessary permits to export 60,000 tonnes of wheat. phytosanitary problem … Read more

Why Turkey changed its name to Türkiye, and why that matters?

From Turkiye to Thailand: These countries changed their names

From this Thursday, Turkey is called in English Türkiye instead of Turkey. The United Nations accepted a formal request made this week by the Turkish government for the name change on the international stage. Why Turkey changed its name Other international bodies will also be asked to adopt the new English name as part of … Read more

Why is Turkey against Finland-Sweden’s NATO membership?

Why is Turkey against Finland-Sweden’s NATO membership?

Turkey: Sweden and Finland have shown their desire to join NATO and their respective parliaments have given the go-ahead to join the Atlantic Alliance. However, beyond Russia’s mistrust of its incorporation, both countries face the stumbling block of Turkey’s veto. “We are following the developments regarding Sweden and Finland, but we do not have positive … Read more

Pakistan and Turkey’s friendship increases India’s difficulties

So far, the friendship between Pakistan and China was a challenge for India, now the jugalbandi of Pakistan and Turkey is also troubling India. According to a report in The Economic Times , the decision to work closely with Turkey and Pakistan in Afghanistan has given rise to speculation that India’s difficulties in the Mediterranean and South … Read more