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Military exercise started between Pakistan and Turkey

A joint military exercise between Pakistan and Turkish special forces began on Tuesday at the Special Service Group’s headquarters in Tarabela.

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The Special Forces of Turkey and Special Service Group of Pakistan Army will take part in this three-week long military exercise. In this, troops of both countries will practice on anti-terrorism activities, Quarter Combat, fire and maneuver techniques, landing of ropes by helicopter, techniques of relief and rescue operations.

According to the Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR), this shared exercise will strengthen the relationship between the two countries as well as increase the knowledge and mutual cooperation of the newly emerging military modernization.

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had earlier described Turkey as his brother and also said that at every difficult time, both countries have stood shoulder to shoulder with each other.

Pakistan and Turkey have always been close to each other.

Both countries have also agreed to strengthen their defense cooperation and insisted on the early implementation of the ‘Pakistan-Turkey Strategic Economic Framework’. Pakistan and Turkey are also very close allies in the field of defense, special teams of both countries regularly conduct joint exercises.

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Earlier in January, Turkey had said in a ceremony held in Istanbul to build the third warship Milijem-Ada for the Pakistani Navy.

During this ceremony, President Ardoan had said that Pakistan is like a brother to Turkey and the two countries are very close to each other.

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