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Pakistan and Turkey’s friendship increases India’s difficulties

So far, the friendship between Pakistan and China was a challenge for India, now the jugalbandi of Pakistan and Turkey is also troubling India.

According to a report in The Economic Times , the decision to work closely with Turkey and Pakistan in Afghanistan has given rise to speculation that India’s difficulties in the Mediterranean and South Asia may increase. 

Turkey says its goal is to work towards economic progress in war-torn countries of Afghanistan. Both Pakistan and Turkey are expanding the railway through Iran.

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An article was published three days ago in the Saudi gazette, stating that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan wants to further strengthen the strategic alliance with Pakistan in South Asia.

It is being said that this trend of Ardoan has come after the appeal of Greek analysts to strengthen the Indo-Greece alliance. Greek analysts have said that there is a need to increase the strategic partnership between the two countries to beat Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. 

Analysts in Greece have said that Turkey is sending nuclear missile technology to Pakistan and to counter this, India-Greece should consider joint production of weapons.

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The Economic Times in its report has also cited the coat of Jerusalem Post mentioned in the Saudi Gazette article. According to the Saudi Gazette article, “America’s security shield cannot be trusted only after the Cold War.” 

The major events of the region in the last decade, the Syrian Civil War and the competition for gas resources in the eastern Mediterranean, did not have the presence of the US because it kept up with its priorities. In this way new partnerships and strategic relationships developed.

“Turkey wants him to become the leader of the Islamic world.” This desire of Turkey is going to challenge Saudi Arabia. In such a situation, Saudi Arabia developed strong economic and defense cooperation with India in the last few years. This made Pakistan very uncomfortable. Erdoğan has assured Pakistan to help in economic progress. 

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Ardoan has said that they transport to Pakistan. Will help on energy, tourism, healthcare and education front. Defense cooperation between Pakistan and Turkey is the most important. The soldiers of both the countries are also doing maneuvers. ”

The Economic Times wrote in its report, “Pakistan is in the process of purchasing a Turkish-built MILGEM fighter vessel from the government defense contractor ASFAT.” Apart from this, Pakistan has also ordered 30 T-129 ATAK choppers.

This purchase of Pakistan from Turkey has reached three billion dollars. Pakistan also supported Turkey’s gas exploration operation in the eastern Mediterranean. 

Turkey also openly supports Pakistan in the Kashmir case. In February last year, Ardoan had said that the issue of Kashmir is as important for Pakistan as it is for Turkey. Pakistan also kept itself on the Turkish line in the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict”.

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