Tigers are back in Thano forests as per the new study, but how safe are they

Tigers in Thanos forest

Although tigers have been known to exist in the Indian Himalayas historically, the Western Rajaji Tiger Reserve in  Uttarakhand state was assumed to be the sole tiger population west of the Ganga River in recent decades. However, evidence from a new study suggests that tigers have persisted or recolonized the Himalayan ranges and adjoining lowlands … Read more

India lost 661 tigers in nearly 6 years

India lost 661 tigers in nearly 6 years

The tiger population in India has witnessed a remarkable increase of 715 tigers in the past four years, according to the fourth cycle of the All India Tiger Estimation (AITE). However, the significant increase brings overshadowed joy due to the alarming number of reported tiger deaths during the same period. Responding to an unstarred question … Read more

Saving tigers means saving earth from climate change, know-how?

India lost 661 tigers in nearly 6 years

In a recent study published in Nature Ecology & Evolution, successful tiger conservation efforts in Asia have had an unintended positive impact. These conservation measures, particularly the enhanced protection of forests in India, not only helped preserve tigers but also prevented the release of approximately 1 million metric tons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. … Read more

Satpura Tiger Reserve: 1st in MP, & 2nd in Ind for better wildlife management

satpura tiger reserve wildlife management

The Management Effectiveness Evaluation (MEE) 2022 study ranks Satpura Tiger Reserve second nationally and first in Madhya Pradesh in the fifth cycle. The information was made public by Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with State’s Tiger Report 2022.  Since 2006, the MEE has evaluated the country’s tiger conservation efforts. The Tiger reserves have since undergone … Read more