What are Solar Shingles and How they work and Compare?

Economical eco-friendly fabrication of high efficiency chalcopyrite solar cells

Solar shingles are small solar panels designed to resemble and replace traditional roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, with energy-generating alternatives. Rather than being mounted on top of the roof, like most home solar panels, solar tiles are incorporated into the roof itself, an example of building-integrated photovoltaics. The advantage of solar tiles is mainly … Read more

Solar Canals in India, How efficient they are?

Solar Canals in India, How efficient they are?

Many defend solar energy as an alternative to consider for a sustainable future. But inevitably we run into a snag. Beyond the use that can be made of sunlight with the technology we currently use in solar panels, the big problem is that solar farms occupy kilometres of space. Space that has a value, which … Read more

Solar panels have environmental cost, know what?

solar energy environmental impact

Environmental cost of Solar panels | It has been observed in recent times that more and more countries are gushing in to harness solar energy. This would cut costs and dependence on other countries. The move is seen as a step towards a greener future once the transition is complete. This would help reduce emissions … Read more

Babcock ranch in Florida withstand wrath of category 5 Hurricane Ian but how?

Babcock ranch in Florida withstand the wrath of category 5 Hurricane Ian but how?

When Hurricane Ian moved into Southwest Florida this week, it was a real test for the community. The storm destroyed the nearby areas of Fort Myers and Naples with record-breaking waves and winds of over 100 mph. Babcock Ranch, the first 100% solar community in the United States, passed through Tropical Storm Ian with no … Read more

Solar System Prices: Everything to Know in 2022

solar system for home

If you’re planning to install a solar PV plant in your home or workplace, chances are that you have been browsing the internet to compare solar system prices. And we’re sure you would agree that the entire process is quite confusing and complicated, right? Well, don’t worry, as we’re here to make your day easier. … Read more

Meet Vinisha Umashankar who designs an iron with solar panels

Who is Vinisha Umashankar

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who is Vinisha Umashankar; Vinisha Umashankar, from Tiruvannamalai town in India, began to care about the environment at the young age of 12. One day when he returned from school, he noticed a man with an ironing cart that was throwing burned coal into the street, which made him reflect on the pollution caused by the … Read more