Delhi: A week in which capital turned into a chamber of horrors

Ground Report| New Delhi: Last week was hell. Last week was horrible. During last week, we were all thrown in a dark well and the unending screaming started. The ambulances wailed on deserted roads and so did humans –to seek some help for their loved ones gasping for their last breath. The period was in making … Read more

BV Srinivas: The man who is saving lives in deadly second wave

BV Srinivas congress leader saving lives

New Delhi: The oxygen cylinder for an octogenarian patient in Kalkaji is running out. The patient gasps for air and a helpless relative puts out an SOS tweet tagging multiple people among them @srinivasiyc (BV Srinivas). A series of communication over DMs and Whatsapp follow and a few hours later one of the 100 field … Read more

COVID-19: Peak of second wave may come in second week of May

The model created by IIT scientists, between 14 and 18 May, the number of active cases of COVID-19 infection in India can be between 38 to 48 lakhs.  Scientists say that the peak of the second wave of covid-19 pandemic in India may come in two-three weeks. The peak may come between May 14 and … Read more