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COVID-19: Peak of second wave may come in second week of May

The model created by IIT scientists, between 14 and 18 May, the number of active cases of COVID-19 infection in India can be between 38 to 48 lakhs. 

Scientists say that the peak of the second wave of covid-19 pandemic in India may come in two-three weeks.

The peak may come between May 14 and 18, during which the total number of active cases in the country can go up to 38 to 48 lakhs.

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According to a model made on the basis of data from IIT scientists, between May four to eight, 4.4 lakh cases of infection can be reported every day.

On Monday, a record 3,52,991 cases of corona infection were recorded in the country while 2,812 people died due to it. On Monday, the total number of active cases in the country reached 28,13,658.

Scientists from IIT Kanpur and Hyderabad have created a model based on the probability of being infected, the possibility of virus not being detected in the test and the probability of positivity.

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On the basis of which he has said that by the end of the second week of May the active cases can increase up to one million.

Prof. Agrawal shared the new peak values for active and new COVID cases in a Twitter thread.

“Peak timing: May 14-18 for active infections and May 4-8 for new infections. Peak value: 38-48 lakhs for active infections and 3.4 to 4.4 lakhs for new infections,” he said.

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He also noted that it was not clear what the final values would be.

“I have now computed a range of values for peak value and timing and the final numbers should be within this range,” Prof. Agrawal said in another tweet.

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