Do you know how many people still live without electricity?

Without electricity, 733 million are living in the dark

Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine slow progress towards universal access to energy, and still 733 million people in the world do not have electricity and 2.4 billion cook with fuels that are harmful to health and the environment, as per the latest study. The report was prepared by the World Bank, the World Health … Read more

‘No shortage of coal, power crisis caused by poor management

coal crisis in India

Climate Kahani: India is currently forced to bear the brunt of global warming. The electricity crisis has also arisen in various states of the country as a result of an increase in electricity consumption due to scorching heatwave. It is being linked to the shortage of coal, but experts believe that the power crisis has … Read more

Explained: Why is Jammu and Kashmir facing a power crisis?

Unpaid coal bills of states in crores, see list of defaulters

Kashmir is experiencing one of its worst power crisis as unscheduled and lengthy power outages in the holy month of Ramzan have left people distraught. People in the Kashmir Valley said that there was a break in the power supply, especially at the time of ‘Sehri’ (when meals are taken before dawn to start the … Read more