90% of the world’s urban population breathes polluted air

1.8 million people died in 2019 due to pollution in cities

Ground Report | New Delhi: Population breathes polluted air; A new study concludes that 86% of the world’s city dwellers (2.5 billion people) are exposed to annual average levels of fine particles that exceed the World Health Organization (WHO) guideline since 2005. And a second study concludes that almost two million cases of childhood asthma … Read more

Delhi’s population increased by 50% in 20 years

Delhi's population increased by 50% in 20 years

Ground Report | New Delhi: Delhi’s population increased by 50%; In the last 20 years in Delhi, the population has increased by about 50 percent. According to the 2001 census, the population of Delhi was 1.38 crore, this figure crossed 1.67 crores. According to the population growth of the last ten years, about two crore … Read more

One in six people will be over 65 by 2050, says UN

One in six people

Ground Report | New Delhi: One in six people; The Population Division of the United Nations has just released the World Population Prospects 2019 report, which indicates that the world’s population could reach its highest point in human history by the end of the century, with around 11,000 million people in 2100. The increase in … Read more

What is in the draft of the population policy of Uttar Pradesh?

What is in the draft

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is in the draft; The Yogi government has prepared a draft regarding the population control law in Uttar Pradesh. If this draft changes as a law, then in Uttar Pradesh, those who have more than two children will neither be eligible for government jobs nor will they ever be able to contest elections. The … Read more