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Delhi’s population increased by 50% in 20 years

Delhi's population increased by 50% in 20 years

Ground Report | New Delhi: Delhi’s population increased by 50%; In the last 20 years in Delhi, the population has increased by about 50 percent. According to the 2001 census, the population of Delhi was 1.38 crore, this figure crossed 1.67 crores. According to the population growth of the last ten years, about two crore people live in Delhi. That is, an increase of 62 lakhs has been registered in the population of Delhi in the last twenty years.

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India’s landlocked megacity, which only reached the 20 million mark a decade ago, is the “most populous in the world with 39 million people in 2030,” said the United Nations’ Economic and Social Department’s latest World Urbanization Prospect Report. (Delhi’s population increased by 50%)

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Delhi is projected to add around 10 million people between 2020 – 2030, with NCR expected to have 38 million by 2030, considering satellite cities. North-West Delhi has the highest population of around 4 million (2019 est) with 3 populated subdivisions of Saraswati Vihar, Narela, and Model Town.

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The growth percentage is around 21.78. Since 1951, Delhi has been growing rapidly in population with decadal growth rates of 52.44%, 52.91%, 52.98%, 51.45% and 47.03% during the decades 1951-61, 1961-71, 1971-81 and 1991- 01 respectively. One of the major reasons for this phenomenal increase in Delhi’s population is migration to the city from other states.

The world’s rural population has grown slowly since 1950 and is expected to reach its peak around 2020. The global rural population is now close to 3.4 billion and is expected to decline to 3.1 billion by 2050. While Africa and Asia are rapidly urbanizing, these regions still house about 90 percent of the world’s rural population. India has the largest rural population with 857 million, followed by China with 635 million.

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