Sonal Mehrotra Kapoor of NDTV is now in Network 18

Sonal Mehrotra Kapoor left NDTV joined moneycontrol

Ground Report | New Delhi: Sonal Mehrotra NDTV; The NDTV news anchor Sonal Mehrotra Kapoor has left the NDTV news network after almost 12 years last month and joined Network18. She is a renowned NDTV presenter. She was associated with the brand since 2010. She is known for her pioneering reporting on various topics in … Read more

Delhi Meat Ban: नहीं है कोई ऑफिशियल ऑडर, चैनल पूछ रहे बताईये कितना नुकसान हो गया?

delhi meat ban

(Delhi Meat Ban) साउथ दिल्ली मुनिसिपल कॉर्पोरेशन के मेयर चाहते हैं कि नवरात्र के दौरान 2 से 11 अप्रैल तक दिल्ली में मीट की बिक्री पर बैन रहे। इसके लिए उन्होंने कमिश्नर से गुहार लगाई है। लेकिन इंडियन एक्सप्रेस की खबर के मुताबिक साउथ एमसीडी के अधिकारियों ने कहा है कि इस तरह की पाबंदी … Read more

Congress calls NDTV Mischievous spreading lies on Gandhi’s resignation

Congress calls NDTV Mischievous spreading lies on Gandhi's resignation

Ground Report | New Delhi: Congress has categorically denied that Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra – will resign at the Congress Working Committee meeting tomorrow. Congress leader Randeep Surjewala said in a tweet that “the news of alleged resignations based on unidentified sources is completely unfair and incorrect,” he added, “it is … Read more

NDTV misquotes Ambreen Zaidi on Hijab controversy; author demands rectification

NDTV Misquoted Ambreen Zaidi

Ground Report | New Delhi: Ambreen Zaidi, author and columnist, Tweeted to express her displeasure at NDTV for misquoting her on the Hijab controversy. In the same tweet, the author demanded rectification. In one of tweets, the leading media house NDTV tweeted a graphics quoting Zaidi on the Hijab controversy, “It’s the girls’ choice to … Read more

Sonia Singh of NDTV joining BJP too after husband RPN Singh?

Sonia Singh of NDTV joining BJP too after husband RPN Singh

Ground Report | New Delhi: Sonia Singh BJP; After RPN Singh, the former member of the Indian National Congress resigned from the party and joined the Bhartiya Janata Party. As per the reports, his wife Sonia Singh may also be fielded as a BJP candidate in the upcoming elections. Speaking to ANI, Singh said, “I … Read more

Republic TV least, NDTV most trusted news channel: oxford survey

Adani Group buy NDTV? NDTV issued statement

Ground Report | New Delhi: Republic TV least, NDTV most trusted; The new report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ) said that “indifference, not hostility, is the primary challenge journalists face when faced with the task of building trust in news.” The Report on Overcoming Depression: What Attitudes to News Tells … Read more