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Ravish Kumar's statement on his resignation from NDTV

After Adani buys NDTV, People were speculating what future willRavish Kumar have in the organisation which would be owned by Adani group.

By Pallav Jain
New Update
NDTV Ravish Kumar Adani

Ravish Kumar on his Resignation: In the recent turn of events, Adani group acquired 29.18% stakes in the Delhi-based media organisation NDTV, through an indirect subsidiary.

When the news broke out, 'Ravish Kumar' started trending on Twitter. People were speculating what future will Prime Time star Ravish Kumar have in the organisation which would be owned by Adani group.

Now, Ravish Kumar has tweeted to put a stop to the speculations on his resignation. He wrote,

'Honorable People,

The point of my resignation is just like the rumor that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has agreed to give me an interview and Akshay Kumar is waiting for me at the gate with Bombay mangoes.

Yours, ravish Kumar, The world's first and most expensive zero TRP anchor'

About Ravish Kumar

Ravish Kumar is the PrimeTime anchor for NDTV India, a Hindi news channel in the NDTV group. The anchor got prominence through 'Ravish Ki Report' show on NDTV, and his unique satirical anchoring style. 'नमस्कार मैं रवीश कुमार', has become his trademark.

He is known to be critical of the BJP government, and questions government for favouring the big industrialists like Adanis' and Ambanis'.

Recently, a documentary named 'While We Watched', a newsroom drama bases around Ravish Kumar was selected for Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) 2022. The documentary is directed by Vinay Shukla, from An Insignificant Man fame.

Ex-NDTV employee in support of Roys

While many are accusing Roys, promoters of NDTV, of fraud. Aunindyo Chakravarty, Ex-Managing Editor in NDTV, tweeted in support of Roys. One of the tweets in the thread read, They borrowed to save NDTV, and hundreds of jobs.

Read the full thread.

The impact of 'NDTV' takeover by Adani group in contemporary times is yet to be articulated. Although,  Delhi Union of Journalists (DUJ), on Wednesday issued a statement on the take-over.

“As professional journalists, we are deeply disappointed and discouraged by the hostile takeover of the last independent mainstream TV channel. NDTV will now be used to promote the Adani empire which spans multiple business enterprises within the country and abroad. Fair reportage of developments spanning multiple sectors, ranging from mining to ports, airports, food grains, edible oils, cement and energy will become impossible,”

Read the full statement of the Delhi Union of Journalism here.

Adani buys NDTV

The media arm of Adani Group announced on 23 August that it is going to buy 29.18 % shares of owned RRPR holdings in NDTV which is a promoter company of NDTV Group. They also made an open offer to acquire 26 percent shares of NDTV Media Limited.

Adani Group will hold a 29.18 percent stake in New Delhi Television Limited, one of the oldest media houses in the country, through Vishvapradhan Commercial Pvt Ltd, now a subsidiary of Adani Media Network Limited.

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