How does shooting lead to the anti-trans sentiments among US people?

Anti trans sentiments after Nashville School SHooting in US

While the Trump regime focused on ‘Americans’, mainly white, on the other hand, it also rejuvenated conservative sentiments. The sentiments were generally not part of the popular discourse. Former US president Donald Trump represents a very majoritarian, and populist side of the Republican party’s ideology. As part of the US’s politics, the Republican party has … Read more

Who was Audrey Hale, shooter behind the Nashville School massacre?

nashville school shooting who is the suspect

A female teenage shooter entered a private Christian elementary school, Covenant School, and killed at least 3 kids. As per Associate Press, three staff members were also killed in the massacre. The elementary school teaches from preschool to sixth grade. List of victims released by police According to the Nashville Police, the female shooter was … Read more