Delhi unlocking from 31st May, Read govt’s Latest order

Full lockdown in Delhi

The government said in its order that the employees of both these industries have been allowed to work strictly following the measures of covid-19 Ground Report | New Delhi: The Covid curfew has been extended till five in the morning of June 7 in the country’s capital, Delhi. Restrictions will remain in force as before. However the … Read more

जानिए देश के किन राज्यों में लगा है लॉकडाउन ?

Coronavirus lockdown news : कोरोना की दूसरी लहर से पूरा देश जूझ रहा है, ऐसे में इस महामारी के प्रसार को रोकने के लिए कई राज्यों ने लॉकडाउन लगाने की घोषणा कर दी है। विशेषज्ञों की माने तो, देश व्यापी लॉकडाउन ना होने की वजह से ही कोरोना की दूसरी लहर ने इतना घातक रूप … Read more

Lockdown extended for one more week in Delhi

लॉकडाउन मध्यप्रदेश

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has extended the lockdown in Delhi for one more week. The Chief Minister said that this time’s lawdown will be more stringent. Kejriwal said that Corona’s infection rate before the lockdown was 35 percent. That means 100 people were getting corona test, then 35 people were being found infected. ALSO READ: PM … Read more

Covid: India Sees over 400,000 New cases in a day: Opposition calls for full national lockdown

मोदी सरकार की 10 गलतियां जिनसे कोरोना बन गया प्रलय

The government is facing growing pressure to impose a nationwide lockdown to stem the devastating COVID-19 wave that has flooded hospitals and morgues. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, widely criticized for allowing religious festivals and political gatherings attended by hundreds of thousands of mostly unmasked people, is reluctant to impose a nationwide lockdown for fear … Read more

Complete Lockdown Again in India?: क्या देश में फिर लगने वाला है लॉकडाउन?

लॉकडाउन मध्यप्रदेश

Complete Lockdown Again in India?: बिहार में लॉकडाउन लगा दिया गया है। वहीं देश भर में बढ़ते कोरोना संक्रमण के मामलों से ये अंदेशा लगाया जा रहा है कि सरकार फिर से देशव्यापी लॉकडाउन (Complete Lockdown Again in India?) लगा सकती है, हालाकिं केंद्र सरकार के अधिकारीयों और ‘कोविड टास्क फोर्स’ के सदस्यों ने सोशल … Read more

Complete Lockdown in Bihar: क्या खुला-क्या बंद रहेगा? देखें बिहार लॉकडाउन की गाइडलाइन

Complete Lockdown in Bihar: what will open and what will close? See full guideline of bihar lockdown

Complete Lockdown in Bihar: what will open and what will close? See full guideline of Bihar lockdown: बिहार में लॉकडाउन लगा दिया गया है। कोरोना के बढ़ते संक्रमण को देखते हुए नीतीश सरकार ने मंगलवार को लॉकडाउन की घोषणा की। बिहार में लॉकडाउन 5 मई से 15 मई तक लागू रहेगा। बिहार सरकार ने लॉकडाउन … Read more

COVID-19: Lockdown extended for one more week in Delhi

लॉकडाउन मध्यप्रदेश

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced to increase the lockdown for another week in view of increasing cases of COVID-19 infection. The Delhi government had imposed a lockdown for the first six days, the duration of which was to end on Monday 26 April. It has now been extended for a week, that is, the … Read more

Covid-19: Lockdown in Delhi till April 26

लॉकडाउन मध्यप्रदेश

To curb the covid-19 epidemic in the capital, the Kejriwal government on Monday took a major step to announce a week-long curfew in Delhi.  The curfew will be from tonight till next Monday i.e. April 26. The Delhi government has taken this decision to break the corona chain.  ALSO READ: “It’s Time To End America’s Longest … Read more

Fearing re-lockdown due to covid-19, people are panic, saving money and leaving cities

The government has ruled out another nationwide lockdown, as COVID-19 cases which continue to increase to an alarming level across India. Most major cities including Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru have imposed partial restrictions on movement with night curfews And this has resulted in people panicking, fearing a complete lockdown, like the one that caused absolute … Read more

Sunday lockdown in UP, Rs 10,000 fine for not wearing mask

लॉकडाउन मध्यप्रदेश

The lockdown has been announced in Uttar Pradesh on Sunday in view of the increasing cases of Corona virus infection. The state government has announced that barring essential services, all markets will remain closed and there will be complete lockout in the state. Officials say that this is likely to happen on the following Sundays as … Read more