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COVID-19: Lockdown extended for one more week in Delhi

लॉकडाउन मध्यप्रदेश

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced to increase the lockdown for another week in view of increasing cases of COVID-19 infection.

The Delhi government had imposed a lockdown for the first six days, the duration of which was to end on Monday 26 April. It has now been extended for a week, that is, the lockdown will continue in Delhi till 5 pm next Monday, May 3.

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Kejriwal said that due to the way in which the cases of corona infection are increasing rapidly in Delhi, it was very important for the state government to put a lockdown.

He said, “This was the last weapon we did not want to use, but now we have to put a lockdown.”

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He said, “The coronation rate (infection rate) of corona in Delhi had reached 36-37 per cent. In Delhi it had never reached this level. In the last one day this rate has come down to 30 per cent but we Can’t say that the corona is going to end.

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Kejriwal said that there is also a severe shortage of oxygen in Delhi.

He said, “Delhi needs 700 tons of oxygen but Delhi has got a promise of 480 tons of oxygen from the central government. A further 10 tons have been promised on Saturday. But that much oxygen has not reached here yet.”

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He said that the state government has written a letter to the states for the supply of oxygen and the government is also negotiating with them.

He hoped that within a few days, the atmosphere of chaos in Delhi will be slightly cured.

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