House of Secrets: India’s ‘Most Scary’ Series

House of Secrets India's 'Most Scary' Series

Ground Report | New Delhi: House of Secrets Series; One of the most-watched shows on Netflix right now is ‘House of Secrets’, which deals with the joint death of a family. According to many viewers, no more horrific series has been made in India.  The three-episode series is based on an original incident that took place … Read more

Why House of Secrets is a Must watch Documentary for everyone?

House of secrets the burari deaths review

House of Secrets is all about the death of 11 Family members in the Burari area of Delhi. This incident shocked everyone because 3 generations of the family total of 11 members were found hanging in a house. It remained a mystery for everybody why anyone would hang themself like this. The Burari deaths were … Read more