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Why House of Secrets is a Must watch Documentary for everyone?

House of Secrets is about the death of 11 Family members in the Burari area of Delhi. Docu-Series goes beyond what media reported about this.

By Ground report
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House of Secrets is all about the death of 11 Family members in the Burari area of Delhi. This incident shocked everyone because 3 generations of the family total of 11 members were found hanging in a house. It remained a mystery for everybody why anyone would hang themself like this.

The Burari deaths were presented ‘only as the bizarre’ by the media, a clinical hypnotherapist says in the show, but despite doing exactly that for two whole episodes, House of Secrets reveals itself to be something more worthwhile, and ultimately more rewarding, in its final episode. 

The access that the filmmakers have been granted in House of Secrets is admirably expansive. A lesser series would’ve been quite content with rounding up the next of kin, a couple of journalists, and whichever cop was willing to talk and called it a day.

House of Secrets throws a handful of psychologists into the mix, adding a key perspective that is usually missing in programs such as this.

Hindustan Times


The engrossing Netflix mini-series revisits the deaths of 11 members of a joint family in Northeast Delhi on July 1, 2018. The Chundawats – a widowed matriarch, her daughter, and two of her sons and their families – were found dead in what was later ruled to be a mass suicide. Ten of the family members were hanging, bound, and gagged, in a circular formation from a mesh that separated the ground floor from the floor above. The eldest member, the grandmother, was found strangulated in another room.

Why you should watch this Documentary?

  • Docu-Series goes beyond what we know about this Case from Media Reporting.
  • You will revisit the horror of the incident that took place in June 2018 in Delhi’s Burari.
  • It will give you a sense of how our media channels sensationalize such cases and miss the actual discussion.
  • House of secrets will make you realize that talking about mental health is very important. The stigma behind Mental issues leads to such tragedies.
  • The production quality of the series is very good, All three episodes keep you hooked till the end.
  • The plangent background score by AR Rahman and Qutb-E-Kripa complements the increasingly somber account of a tragedy years in the making.

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