‘El Niño’ arrives: 2023 could be the hottest in history

'El Niño' arrives: 2023 could be the hottest in history

All the alarms have gone off before what can happen this year with the world climate. The more than likely arrival of an El Niño episode can raise temperatures across the planet in ways never seen before. The Earth could increase its temperature to the critical threshold (1.5 degrees above the pre-industrial level) this very summer. According to data from … Read more

What is El Niño that is going to make heatwaves scary this year?

Why this year we may expect unprecedented heat due to El Niño?

The return of the El Niño phenomenon this year would cause an increase in global temperatures “out of the normal” and unprecedented heat waves, warn a group of scientists. Extreme weather events are projected to be exacerbated and global warming is highly likely to exceed 1.5ºC. Unprecedented heat waves This year is already expected to … Read more

2024 will be the first year we pass 1.5°C of warming

2024 will be the first year we pass 1.5°C of warming

A global shift to an El Niño weather pattern later this year could pave the way for the world to exceed 1.5C of warming for the first time in 2024, according to the UK Met Office. “I’m forecasting about a 15% chance of a new record in 2023. And if we’re in an El Niño … Read more

Climate Change: 2022 was the fifth warmest year on record

Climate Change: 2022 was the fifth warmest year on record

2022 was a year of climatic extremes, such as droughts or floods, record temperatures and concentrations of greenhouse gases, according to data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), which rank it as the second warmest year in Europe and the fifth globally, after 2016, 2020 and 2019 and 2017. Fifth warmest year According to … Read more

2022 was the hottest year in UK history

El Niño could raise temperatures globally later this year

2022 was confirmed as the hottest ever recorded in the United Kingdom, with the average annual temperature breaking the ten-degree barrier for the first time. Scientists at the Met Office, the UK’s National Weather Service, calculated that similar heat is now expected every three to four years. Without the greenhouse gases emitted by humanity, such a hot … Read more

Heatwave: Last month was fourth warmest October in 143 years

2023 projected to be one of hottest years on record on Earth

The signs of climate change continue. This week, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States (NOAA) published a statement warning that October 2022 was the fourth warmest October on record, that is, 143 years ago. As reported by that body, the temperature of the past month has only been exceeded by October … Read more

Cop27: Fears of compromise, 1.5°c target is out of reach

Cop27: Fears of compromise, 1.5°c target is out of reach

As the first week at COP27 comes to an end, the new edition of the Global Carbon Project, published this Friday, November 11, shows no significant progress in terms of reducing carbon emissions at the global level, with record levels still forecast for 2022. So much so that the objective of limiting global warming to … Read more

How many people die in Europe due to heatwave in 2022?

Economic losses from extreme sky rocket in Asia

During the ongoing climate change summit in Egypt, the World Health Organization made a worrying announcement, at least 15,000 people die from heat in 2022 in Europe. Heatwave in Europe Among these deaths, health authorities have reported almost 4,000 deaths in Spain, more than 1,000 in Portugal, more than 3,200 in the United Kingdom and … Read more

Don’t Look Up: Ridiculous scene from the movie became a reality

don't look up vs CBN

Don’t Look Up: The temperature in Europe has crossed 40 degrees, due to which nearly 1500 people died in Europe and more than 1000 died in Portugal in recent weeks. After such extreme and fearful conditions, the British News Channel anchor wants to feel good about the weather. She tells meteorologist John on a show … Read more

Heatwave: What are tropical nights and why are they bad?

How many people die in Europe due to heatwave in 2022?

Tropical nights have been recorded across England, as one city endured its hottest night since records began. A tropical night, when temperatures do not drop below 20C, occurred in three locations – two in Yorkshire and one in Nottinghamshire – on Monday night. Sheffield experienced the UK’s highest minimum temperature of 20.5°C, the warmest night … Read more