How many Covid variants are there? Explained

How many Covid variants are there

Ground Report | New Delhi: How many Covid variants are there; Virus types or strains occur when there is a change/mutation in the genes of the virus. It is normal and expected for RNA viruses like coronaviruses to evolve and change over time. With the world already battling to bring high rates of infection from … Read more

Hillarious Meme fest on Deltacron “Variant joining Forces”

Hillarious Meme fest on Deltacron Variant joining Forces

Ground Report | New Delhi: Hillarious Meme fest on Deltacron; After the detection of the Omicron variant in November, which caused an increase in infections and accumulated incidence, another variant has now appeared in Cyprus. It is ‘Deltacron’, a combination of the Delta and Omicron variants. According to the professor of Biology at the University … Read more

Why Delta plus variant is a matter of concern?

Delta Plus

Sanjana Tiwari Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Delta plus variant is a matter of concern?; As we all know that coronavirus is coming up with new variants day by day and becoming a big concern for our health department. Now, this coronavirus has introduced one more harmful variant of its “the delta variant.” A … Read more

Delta Plus variant is a VOC in India, Know all about it

Delta Plus

Ground Report | New Delhi: Delta Plus variant; The government of India declared the Delta Plus strain of coronavirus as a Variant of Concern (VOC) on Tuesday since India has reported new cases of Delta Plus variant from three states. The Delta Plus or AY.1 strain has been detected primarily in Maharashtra (Ratnagiri and Jalgaon) … Read more

Delta Plus ‘worrying variant’, alerted three states: Centre

Delta Plus

Ground Report | New Delhi: Delta Plus ‘worrying variant The Central Government has issued a warning to the three states where its cases have been reported, describing the Delta Plus variant of the Covid-19 as a ‘worrying variant’. These states include Maharashtra, Kerala, and Madhya Pradesh where genome sequencing has found 22 cases of this variant. … Read more

नया डेल्टा प्लस वेरिएंट और भी ज्यादा खतरनाक, कभी भी आ सकती है कोविड कि तीसरी लहर

Covid-19 delta plus Varian

Covid-19 delta plus Variant: कोरोना महामारी की अब तीसरी लहर की भी शुरुआत हो चुकी है। बताया जा रहा है कि कोरोना वायरस का डेल्टा वेरिएंट पिछली बार से ज्यादा खतरनाक और जानलेवा है। इस नए वेरियंट का नाम डेल्टा प्लस वेरिएंट(Covid-19 delta plus Variant) है। आसार हैं कि कोरोना की तीसरी लहर का सबसे … Read more