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Why Delta plus variant is a matter of concern?

Delta Plus

Sanjana Tiwari

Ground Report | New Delhi: Why Delta plus variant is a matter of concern?; As we all know that coronavirus is coming up with new variants day by day and becoming a big concern for our health department. Now, this coronavirus has introduced one more harmful variant of its “the delta variant.” A variant of concern (VoC) carries the highest threat perception of a coronavirus variant, which is characterised by increased infectivity, transmissibility, or resistance to vaccines and treatment. A VoI is a degree lower.

According to Rajesh Bhushan secretary of health minister “there are 80 countries including India who had got infected patients of this new variant and in India, there are 22 people who are suffering from this delta variant. According to the Ministry of Health, the first case of this new variant was founded in Kerala.

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Delta plus is in 9 countries and as of now is in the category of a variant of interest and is not yet in the variant of concern category,” said Bhushan at the weekly press briefing on Tuesday. However, in a press statement, the Ministry first referred to it as a ‘variant of concern’ then issued a correction calling it a ‘variant of interest’ and then again reverted to calling it a ‘variant of concern’.

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A scientist connected with the consortium, INSACOG, (Indian SarsCov2 Genomic Consortia) said that on condition of anonymity that AY.1 was “always” a variant of concern but was wrongly classified by the Health Ministry as a VoI.

On Tuesday, the Health Ministry wrote to States to take up immediate containment measures, enhanced testing, tracking and vaccination in districts and clusters where the Delta Plus variant is found and ensure that “adequate samples” of positive persons be promptly sent to designated laboratories of INSACOG so that the clinical epidemiological correlations could be made.

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Now we have to take more precautions to save ourselves. The government and citizens must come together for fighting this new variant. Government should be prepared for the next wave and step.

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