Best of 2022 on Ground Report: Climate change and much more

Best of 2022 on GroundReport: Climate change and much more

They were nothing more than proof of the impact of this phenomenon induced by human activity and of the urgency to act before it is too late, experts and various United Nations agencies linked to the environment and development point out. 2022 was in charge of demonstrating to humanity how much it has damaged nature, … Read more

Chestnut farming is the livelihood of Bhopal’s Fishermen

chestnut farming in Bhopal

In the wetlands of Bhopal, in the month of November-December, you will see farmers plucking water chestnuts from the ponds. Water chestnut is a good source of income for fishermen in the city of lakes, Bhopal. Ground Report spoke to one such water chestnut farmer to know how he manages to water chestnut farming. Dev … Read more