Is Avatar inspired by Hinduism? Cameron says YES!

avatar the way of water inspired from hinduism

Avatar inspired by Hinduism | Since Avatar: The Way of Water has been released everyone is counting the box office numbers. Although, there is a very accent-ish Hindi word that is used in the movie that got completely unnoticed. The word is ‘amrita’. The age-defying potion extracted from the pain relief glands of tulkan.  Tulkan … Read more

Cameron’s Avatar being ‘Cancelled’ on social media, know why?

The director of the film, James Cameron, is being ‘cancelled’ on social media. Being ‘cancel’ basically means, that an individual is called out for their ‘problematic’ views on certain issues. Sometimes, the calling out leads to trolling, ostracization, and constant legal action.

Cameron’s Avatar, the biggest movie of the decade is out, is being cancelled. Most people are in the awe of the film, while to some the has failed to impress them. About that film, later. Here, I wish to talk about a slightly different perspective. The director of the film, James Cameron, is being ‘cancelled’ … Read more

Avatar’s Pandora at Venice beach, through bioluminescent algae

Avatar The Way of Water pandora at venice beach

Avatar: The way of water: Travel blogger Louis Cole posted about his experience at Venice beach in California. He tweeted, ‘ I got to witness a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon, bioluminescent algae appeared in the ocean and beaches in California. We ran down to Venice beach when we arrived this is what we saw! I had to … Read more