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Is Avatar inspired by Hinduism? Cameron says YES!

Avatar inspired by Hinduism: Since Avatar: The Way of Water has been released everyone is counting the box office numbers.

By Rajeev Tyagi
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avatar the way of water inspired from hinduism

Avatar inspired by Hinduism | Since Avatar: The Way of Water has been released everyone is counting the box office numbers. Although, there is a very accent-ish Hindi word that is used in the movie that got completely unnoticed. The word is ‘amrita’. The age-defying potion extracted from the pain relief glands of tulkan. 

Tulkan is a whale-like creature in the water bodies of Pandora.

The Na’avi a.k.a. The forest tribe at Pandora are blue creatures. Jake Sully, an ex-marine, inhabits one of the Na’avi and is called an ‘Avatar’. Jake’s avatar then helps the forest tribe fight against American imperialism and violence. That sounds quite like the reincarnation idea spoken about in mythologies in Hinduism.

Indian filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra asked James Cameron if his film was inspired by Hinduism. Cameron said, he has read a lot about Hinduism, and various sub-stories. He added, he has been fascinated by the depth in the text, and characters. Although, he doesn’t say that he consciously used those tools. But, agrees it could have lingered in the primary characters.

I think, in the case of part two, it was definitely conscious.


The film is running in theatres and has earned enormous money. On Friday, the film had earned $660 million worldwide, still counting. If some reports are to be believed Avatar 3 is also ready. Film’s director James Cameron has submitted the 9-hour-long first draft to the Disney studio.

While it is exciting to wait for other Avatar movies, in parts, it is also heartbreaking to see that this is all Cameron might do in all his films. Except, for some non-fiction documentary work.

All in all, he is a visionary, and the influence of several cultures is reflected in his work. Hence, it is not surprising for the film to have the sub-conscious influence of Hinduism.

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