How the Taliban won: 10 important dates

Who is Mullah Hasan Akhund?

Ground Report | New Delhi: How the Taliban won; The Taliban is returning to power in Afghanistan after 20 years. As they returned, it was difficult to imagine in early 2021. But 10 dates changed history. Know, which were those 10 important dates. How the Taliban won April 14: The first step in the victory of the Taliban … Read more

What are women saying about Taliban power?

What are women saying about Taliban power

Ground Report | New Delhi: What are women saying about Taliban power; The Taliban have assured the international community that there will be no discrimination against women in Afghanistan under their rule. The Taliban have said they are “committed to securing women’s rights under the Sharia law system.” The Taliban have said that women under … Read more

Who will join the Taliban government?

Who is Mullah Hasan Akhund?

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who will join the Taliban government; Following the capture of the Afghan capital, Kabul, by the Afghan Taliban, they have been pushing for a possible government in the name of the “Islamic Emirate.” The Taliban have also deployed their military unit in Kabul as “security” and a video of Taliban leaders … Read more

What is happening at Kabul airport?

What is happening at Kabul airport

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is happening at Kabul airport; On Monday, Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport witnessed the chaos and chaos that seemed to be part of a film about the end of the world rather than reality. Thousands of people were running on the runway in front of and behind the plane without … Read more

Women return to Afghanistan’s TV channel

Women return to Afghanistan's TV channel, Taliban interviewed

Ground Report | New Delhi: Women return to Afghanistan’s TV; Women anchors have once again started appearing on Tolo News, a big TV channel of Afghanistan. After the Taliban captured Kabul on Sunday, women had stopped appearing on all TV channels there. Photos of Afghanistan’s state-run TV channel were also being shared, in which a … Read more

What is Sharia law, how many countries follow them?

What is Sharia law

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is Sharia law; When most people hear the word ‘Sharia’, they think that blood-thirsty people have long beards and are asking to cut their hands. This is not surprising, because whenever this topic comes up in the media it is always discussed as something barbaric, alien, and a threat … Read more

Taliban announces ‘amnesty’, urges women to join govt

Taliban announces 'amnesty'

Ground Report | New Delhi: Taliban announces ‘amnesty’; The Taliban announced an “apology” in Afghanistan and urged women to join their government on Tuesday, trying to convince a wary population that they had changed a day after Deadly mobs surrounded the main airport as desperate mobs tried to flee the country. After a spate of … Read more

What is happening in Kabul after Taliban control?

What is happening in Kabul after Taliban control

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is happening in Kabul after Taliban control ; “There is uncertainty everywhere in Kabul. There are sounds of gunfire everywhere and no one knows what the purpose of this firing is. Before the war, everyone was heading to Kabul to save their lives. “Now that the Taliban have taken … Read more

Dry fruits prices rise in Jammu due to disruption in imports from Afghan

Dry fruits prices rise

Ground Report | New Delhi: Dry fruits prices rise; The Dry Fruits Retailers Association in Jammu has said that prices have increased by up to Rs 250 per kg as the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has hampered imports for the past 15-20 days. Dry fruits prices rise Jyoti Gupta, president of the association, said, “We … Read more

Afghanistan’s first female mayor: ‘I’m waiting for Taliban to kill me’

Afghanistan’s first female mayor

Ground Report | New Delhi: Afghanistan’s first female mayor; When Zarifa Ghafari spoke to me from her Kabul apartment three weeks ago, she expected her and her country to have a future. On Sunday, the Taliban were preparing to take control of the capital after a swift advance in Afghanistan, waiting for Islamist militants to arrive … Read more